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Abandoned places with history – abandoned places with history
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From ancient ruins to hospitals that have been left to rot, these are the creepiest, most intriguing abandoned places around the world. 24 Beautiful and Mysterious Abandoned Places In The World · Contents · Pripyat, Ukraine · Kayaköy, Turkey · Cape Romano Dome House, USA · Maunsell. Tucked on an island in the Hudson River, Bannerman Castle is actually a former weapons storage facility – although it certainly looks more like.

– 13 Abandoned Mansions With Crazy Stories Behind Them


Some of the most beautiful places in the world have fallen apart and crumbled over time. Many of these abandoned beautifies are picturesque structures that once housed congregations and some are ships that transported supplies during the war.

However many of the photos on here show a less beautiful side of corrosion, with crumbling cars, and busted out villas that no one calls home.

Scroll on and uncover the mystery of these abandoned areas. From above this looks like nothing more than a downed Boeing How did it crash so perfectly, in what circumstances does a plane like this stay together?

It turns out that the plane actually doubles as a home to a man in Portland Oregon who lives in the converted for six months out of the year every year since Abandoned in , the mill still intrigues viewers and brings in tourists from across the world. Time to go to Colorado! Forget what it was like to ride in the American Dream, what do you think it was like trying to drive this thing?

This bad boy came equipped with 26 wheels, a helipad, a jacuzzi, and you could even close off some of the sections to make private rooms. While this mansion looks like a primo spot for modern exploration, it turned out to be a death trap. The rotting insides of this gothic home gave out shortly after this photo was taken, leaving nothing on its wake but a pile of debris and the vines clinging to sun bleached brick. The car driven by super spies and Beatles alike, the Aston Martin DB4 is a relic of the grooviest of times.

However, this DB4 is a bit more special, specifically because it was found in the woods in Massachusetts. After five decades of being pelted by rain, sleet, and snow the car has definitely seen better days, but its classic shape is unmistakeable. Built on the waters of Germany’s Obersee lake, this empty fishing hut can be found in Berchtesgaden National Park, right along the border of Austria. But what if you were staying in a dilapidated, 65 foot high pachyderm?

Lucy the Elephant is one of three elephant shaped buildings constructed by James V. In Lucy was designated a National Historic Landmark , and after being refurbished she attracts tourists from all over the country. Unfortunately Lucy is no longer taking reservations for over night stays.

Buried beneath the snow and ice of McMurdo Sound in Antarctica lies the remains of the Pegasus , a C Lockheed Constellation that went down over the tundra on October 8, The 80 researchers aboard the Pegasus held onto their lunches as the plane went down amidst an ice storm, and luckily they all survived the ordeal.

The researchers stuck around the continent to go about their work, and the Pegasus has stayed in the ground near McMurdo Station ever since. If you make your way through the ice and snow you can even take a looksie, just remember to bring a parka. Some amusement parks are dangerous because of their antique, wooden roller coasters, others are manned by grizzled carnies, and some are just soaked in radiation.

The Pripyat Amusement park was meant to open for business on May 1, , just in time for May Day, but on April 27, the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, turning the park into a nuclear terror zone. The amusement park still suffers from differing levels of radiation, but the Ferris wheel has some of the highest amounts in the park. These massive structures sit empty, like graveyards for commerce, or monuments to a time when people were certain that they wanted to do all of their shopping in one super structure.

Many of these buildings were simply unsustainable, with their rents being too high. Really what can you do with an abandoned mall? The buildings are only meant to do one thing, so many developers are faced with the choice of either refurbishing the mall or simply demolishing it and starting from scratch – neither choice is all that appetizing or cost effective.

This arched bridge makes use of its reflection below in order to appear as a nearly perfect circle. Construction of the bridge began in , and the entire thing was built by hand, which is downright mind boggling. Good luck travelers! While in operation , the building made use of hydro and electrotherapy, which was quite ahead of its time in Upon construction the building was shaped like the letter E, and it had rooms.

After opening, Doneaud planned to add an additional 19 rooms but his plans were halted by the outbreak of World War I. After the war the building was taken over by Communists, which lead to the downfall of this lovely structure. However after Hull was convicted in a murder-for-hire plot and a series of other alleged crimes, the house fell into disrepair.

Some countries just have all the luck, and when it comes to abandoned ship wreckage Honduras is one of the luckiest countries of all. The waters off of Roatan, Honduras are clear and blue, and they also happen to be littered with rusted out ships that are waiting to be investigated. The ships are all from different eras, with the largest of them being the Odyssey , which measures feet from bow to stern.

What better way to spend a vacation in Florida than sleeping in a dome over the ocean? This now abandoned collection of dome homes was meant to be a self sustainable, eco-friendly vacation destination.

Unfortunately the ever changing Florida coastline refused to allow these homes to stay viable and they quickly eroded. The domes were purchased in by a developer with their sights set on refurbishing them, but construction costs were deemed too expensive and the project, along with the domes, was abandoned. What got its start as a small wooden cottage in was quickly transformed into the imposing structure in the photo by Baron von Stiengel, a short lived Finance Minister of the German Empire.

Once again open to the public, the structure remains as awe inspiring as the day it was built. These immaculately placed planes and fighter jets are a part of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard in Tucson, Arizona, the largest in the world and a must visit for any airplane aficionado. The boneyard started operation in when B Superfortresses and C Skytrains were dropped off at the base in order to be turned into scrap or held until the military went back into battle. Just outside of Bogota sits the Hotel del Salto , an abandoned yet still extravagant complex that was once a hotel that housed the wealthiest travelers to the Tequendama Falls area.

What began as a mansion in the s became an 18 floor hotel in , however the building went into disrepair in the s and was essentially abandoned.

Whether or not that’s true, it’s clear that this the Hotel del Salto is a fascinating place. Even though the abandoned structures of Nara Dreamland have brought wonder to photographers who traffic in decay and ruin, in the entire site was demolished and no longer stands in Nara, Japan.

If you plan on hiking the Kerry Way then you should have a good pair of walking shoes ready, and keep a camera on your because this mile walking trail is a gorgeous walk through the Irish countryside that begins and ends in Killarney. It looks as if someone with a green thumb had the luck of the Irish when they stopped by this run down spot. In spite of its elegant appearance, the Selma Estate has fallen into distinct disrepair over the course of its hundred plus year time on this planet.

Initially the building was a modest brick house just outside of Leesburg, Virginia, but in the entire property was built up to be a magnificent estate where Congressional parties were consistently thrown.

However by the late 20th century, Selma was falling apart and covered in weeds. However in Sharon Virts and Scott Miller began reconstruction of the property in order to bring it back to its former glory. And not a moment too soon. CNN reports that the Buran space shuttle only had one flight in before the fall of the Soviet Union made space travel an unnecessary cost in the Russian government. Still, two of the Buran model shuttles are just waiting in storage for someone to take them for a spin.

The Blitz, as it was known, forced many city dwellers into bomb shelters with their neighbors, and as terrifying as it was Londoners became somewhat used to the destruction. What happens to Chinese taxi cabs when they no longer serve a purpose? In this Lockeed P Lightning, most recognized because of its twin booms and central nacelle, went down off the coast of Wales while taking part in a training exercise.

As it was in flight off the Gwynedd coast its engines cut out and it fell out of the sky, fortunately Lt Robert Elliott was able to pilot the ship to safety in the water and survived the ordeal. While Lt Elliot managed to escape, the plane did not and it sunk into the waters off the coast of Wales. The wreckage was discovered in and it looks as if its time under the water has stripped away much of its luster.

Dark and damp, many of these abandoned castles and homes are crumbling, but they each have something special about them. The cost of restoring an ancient home in Italy can be astronomical, so many of these abandoned castles sit empty and silent, waiting for someone to bring them back to life. While being towed to Phuket, Thailand in order to become a floating hotel, the ship was caught in a massive storm in the Atlantic Ocean that broke the tow lines conncecting it to the Neftegaz, which was bringing the ship to the East.

The ship ran aground on the west coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands , and it only took 48 hours for the ship to be broken in two by the surf.

In the ship was declared a total loss and left to collapse in its final resting place. Is there any cooler kind of motorcycle than the classic police issue bikes? Admittedly, the problem with this scenario is that you have to get yourself down to Peru and bike with the bike. How stunning! This abandoned building looks to be a combination of a school house and a light house, or maybe the owners built the tower so they could keep an eye on their neighbors.

Whatever the reason behind building such a lovely and tall structure, the original owners picked a fantastic spot to stick their dream building. Which honestly looks like it would be pretty cool even with all of the splotchy paint. Sign us up! The Red Sea plays host to one of the most-dived ship wrecks in history, that of the SS Thistlegorm , a World War II era steamship that was delivering a shipment of equipment to British soldiers stationed in North Africa.

Unfortunately, after shipping out of Egypt on July 2, , the ship ended up stalled in the Sinai Peninsula. On October 5, , two German bombers were dispatched to the area with information that a large transport ship – most likely the Queen Mary – was in the area carrying troops. This train car was abandoned long ago either by a railroad company that stopped operating and left a car where it sat, or by a company that took a car away from a railroad line and dropped it off in the middle of nowhere.

As this train sat, unclaimed and waiting to be absorbed by the Earth. In spite of the corrosion and decay, this train car still has a classic beauty to it, and the addition of the vines and leaves only adds to the mystique of this once majestic train car.

Okay so how did a fighter jet just land in the middle of nowhere in more or less great condition? Did it fall straight down like it was in a Wile.

Coyote cartoon? Or was the jet rolled out to the field as a final send off for a job well done? If you get a chance to take a trip through one of these boneyards you should totally go for it, especially if you want to get something good for your Instagram, or if you need to salvage parts for your own personal jet.

Who would abandon a gorgeous Victorian glass botanical garden like this? This marvelous hotel was initially constructed in as a mansion for architect Carlos Arturo Tapias. The look of the building was modeled after a popular style of French architecture at the time. Five years later additions were made onto the mansion that turned it into a hotel for wealthy travelers that remained popular throughout the s.

Local folklore says that the native people of Columbia used the falls where this hotel is located to evade capture by the Spanish. Supposedly they would jump and transform into an eagle before flying to their safety.


Abandoned places with history – abandoned places with history –


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