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Best asheville waterfall hikes
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22 Gorgeous Hiking Waterfalls Near Asheville, NC | Uncorked Asheville

Best Waterfall Hikes Near Asheville · Crabtree Falls · Looking Glass Waterfalls · Moore Cove Falls Trail · Graveyard Fields Loop Trail · Toms Creek. Best Waterfalls near Asheville NC · 1. Sliding Rock · 2. Upper Whitewater Falls · 3. Hickory Nut Falls · 4. Linville Falls · 5. Catawba Falls · 6. Waterfalls near Asheville, NC: our favorite hikes under two miles · Dry Falls · Looking Glass Falls · Hooker Falls · Whitewater Falls · Triple Falls · Big Laurel.


14 Gorgeous Fall Hikes Near Asheville | Uncorked Asheville.Waterfalls near Asheville, NC: our top 10 favorite hikes


Asheville is known for many enticing attractions — a thriving art scene, a foodie haven, breweries galore, and of course a treasure trove of accessible natural wonders, in particular, some stunning Asheville waterfalls.

This staggering scenery of Asheville is so alluring. We find ourselves strongly disagreeing with TLC and recommending that you should go chasing waterfalls in Asheville. There are hundreds of spectacular rushing rapids to visit in and around Asheville, so choosing your dream cascade destination can be hard. This spectacular sight is easily accessible. Only 45 minutes from downtown Asheville, Looking Glass Falls is right off of the highway and even has a roadside observation deck for easy viewing.

Seeing this magnificent waterfall is one of the best things to do in North Carolina. The water at Hickory Nut falls almost feet from its apex to its base, making it one of the tallest Asheville waterfalls.

The trail to reach the astounding vision of the rushing river is less than a mile long. Triple Falls is a frequented trailhead within the gorgeous Dupont State Forest. About an hour from Asheville, many visitors make the trek to see three waterfalls for the price of one. The hike is about two miles out and back to view all three Asheville waterfalls.

The winding trails are full of old-growth fir forests for a fresh and crisp adventure. The first waterfall you will come across is High Falls. A covered bridge overlooks the High Falls that offers an excellent vantage point and extra charm. Next is Triple Falls, a three-tiered foot natural wonder. The current is feeble here, so it is one of the few spots safe for a dip.

A stroll through the iconic Biltmore estate will lead you to one of the few waterfalls that lie within Asheville city limits. For a short but magical stroll, take the Azalea Garden Trail. And for a longer hike, you can use the Deerpark Trail to end up at the same stunning site. There are plenty of great photo-ops from the bridge above or the viewing rocks below. This waterfall is also within Dupont State Forest.

It is a particularly great trail for mountain biking if you prefer that exploration method. The waterfall is great to enjoy a picnic atop a rock in the serene landscape. After you complete the journey, make sure to eat at one of the best Asheville restaurants to refuel. Catawba Falls are feet of glorious and gushing water.

There is a three-mile round trip hike through the magical Pisgah National Forest, full of dreamy green moss and lichen-covered woodland. Much of the trail follows a babbling brook, making for a calm and tranquil nature-filled fun day. The trail is about half a mile through lush landscape finishing at a foot cascading waterfall down a rugged rocky staircase. A garden club privately owns it, so it does require a small fee to view.

The falls are in an ecological preserve, so plenty of beautiful flora and fauna to spot. They are both foot falls within the idyllic Nantahala National Forest. The trails are simple to follow but are often not marked. The foot falls are a vertical feat of nature located in Gorges State Park, makes Rainbow Falls a gorgeous sight.

To reach the falls requires hiking along a trail under two miles through giant trees and wildflower meadows. You will hear the massive falls before you see them. Named for its propensity to create beautiful rainbows in its mist, be sure to view it from several angles to try and catch a glimpse of one. There are two smaller bonus waterfalls right nearby as well. Keep your eyes open for Hidden Falls on the way to Rainbow Falls for a lovely wading pool. Turtleback Falls is just a bit further and has an excellent spot for picnicking.

It is a beautiful spot in the area, and there are a few cozy Asheville cabins to stay nearby. These Asheville waterfalls provide a verdant setting, tucked in a scenic cove surrounded by wild flora. The hike is about one mile long and stays at a relatively easy level. This foot waterfall is multi-tiered, adding exceptional beauty to its fast-flowing streams. It may seem enticing to climb here, but the rocks are very slippery, so it can be pretty dangerous. There are two different trails, with tiny waterfalls and sweet streams along the journey.

About an hour outside of Asheville, these trails are favorites of the locals and less frequented by visitors. Crabtree Falls is a famous and pretty waterfall an hour from downtown Asheville. Both trails tend to be a bit muddy, so prepare accordingly. The water flows from a foot rock cliff creating a dramatic cascade. Dry Falls offers a unique feature that most do not, making it a popular waterfall.

The falls flow directly over a cliff at a high volume, creating its unique characteristic where you can walk inside the waterfall and stay dry. The foot waterfall is in Nantahala National Forest. Its roadside location makes it easily accessible, and it has an observation deck for effortless and excellent viewing.

If you are looking for a more intensive experience, there is a longer eight-mile trail that takes you along the Cullasaja River to several other falls in addition to Dry Falls. Multiple cascades and pools allow plenty of swimming, climbing, and jumping off rocks into deep pools of clear, cool water. Despite the name, we do recommend bringing a bathing suit.

The Whitewater Falls are the highest east of the Rockies, at feet. They are nestled in the Nantahala National Forest and plummet feet. A short paved walkway leads to an overlook for a dazzling view above the falls. The rest of the trail will take you down to the bottom of Upper Whitewater Falls for a rest with a view or a revitalizing swim. Linville Falls requires a bit of a longer hike and is farther out at an hour and a half from Asheville, but these falls are worth it.

There are two trails about four miles long. One is more strenuous than the other. The falls plummet down 90 feet, and you will find several incredible vistas to take it all in throughout the hike. The flowing, sparkling water jutting out from the mountain rock formations surrounding foliage creates a magical scene. Soco Falls is the site of the rare twin waterfalls located on the edge of the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

This waterfall is a hidden gem of the Asheville waterfalls. The trek is less than a mile, and you can stop to see the old mica mine along the way. With dense forest and several small streams, this is a perfect choice for those craving to commune with nature. Part scenic waterfall and part thrill ride, Sliding Rock is perfect for the adventure seekers not far from the town of Brevard.

Quite the attraction, this site receives many visitors from all over waiting to slip and slide down this natural phenomenon. There are some wonderful restaurants in Asheville.

That comes in a wide variety of price points and cuisines. The city makes for one of the best vacations in North Carolina and the East Coast. Asheville residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining, but it can be a little overwhelming for visitors. Various accommodation options in Asheville will be sure to work for any visitor. Everything from luxury resorts to boutique hotels and romantic cabins in Asheville. Its craft brewery scene has been thriving for decades now, and with all that competition, the brewers here really step up their game.

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The signature eponymous cliff is a granite spire towering …. Looking Glass Falls is one of the most popular and picturesque waterfalls in North Carolina. Even though I knew there are an…. Skip to content. Catawba Falls is one of the best Asheville waterfalls hikes. Best Restaurants in Asheville. Best Breweries in Asheville.

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