Best small towns near orlando florida. The 10 Best Small Towns in Florida

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Best small towns near orlando florida
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And the red-brick-paved downtown area is up-and-coming with incredible restaurants and продолжить boutiques. The Henry Morrison Flagler Museumoriginally home to the railroad tycoon and hotelier himself, is another must-visit in Palm Beach; the Gilded Age mansion was Flagler’s wedding present to his third wife.

– Best small towns near orlando florida


Orlando, FL, is a vibrant city with loads to offer — fun attractions and gainful employment! As the heart of Orange County, it’s the perfect poster child for why to call Central Florida home. But those looking for Orlando proximity with a lower-key lifestyle will find a number of lovely burgs for apartment living — whether that means small towns, a beachy locale, a cabin in the woods or just a city with an easier commute in a more affordable neighborhood.

Read on for 10 amazing cities near Orlando that you should call home. Before beginning to explore the small towns and other areas within Central Florida to consider calling home, you’re already starting from an ideal vantage point when it comes to budget. Overall, rent in Orlando and surrounding towns generally falls below the national average.

And, while some areas have seen a greater year-over-year increase when compared to the national average, most Orlando suburbs, no matter the distance from the city center, are staying competitive and affordable. With the many restaurants, shops and other amenities and activities in the town, Altamonte Springs attracts many young professionals who like to work hard and play hard.

It’s also a pretty safe city, so Florida families with young children tend to like the area, too. It somehow manages to feel like a small town while still giving easy access to everything in Orlando.

The combination of features makes it a little bit country and a little bit big city. Find apartments for rent in Altamonte Springs.

It’s like being in the Florida wilderness out west in Apopka. Here, residents enjoy proximity to gorgeous natural areas, including Wekiwa Springs State Park and Rock Springs Run State Preserve, where activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing and even tubing on one of the region’s beautiful natural springs make for happy, outdoorsy residents.

This is not where you go looking for hotels. Grab a tent and backpack instead. If you’ve got a city commute, though, it could be worse. Apopka is less than 18 miles from downtown — that’s 30 minutes without traffic. Find apartments for rent in Apopka.

The quiet suburb of Casselberry offers residents a small-town feel without sacrificing common Florida amenities like shops and restaurants that make the area worth a visit. Within the radius of this town, you’ll find some great parks.

This includes Pawmosa Park, the perfect place to bring your pup, and Kewanee Park with wooded trails and a kid’s playground. There’s even a boardwalk for those interested in fishing. Population size has grown significantly since this agricultural city first set down roots.

Today, it’s just like towns all over Florida, with a popular golf club, beautiful parks and more. Clermont’s rolling hills are a startling contrast from much of Florida’s natural landscape. In fact, this hidden gem contains Florida’s highest point a mountain topping out at a whopping feet on Lake County near Clermont.

Another one of the towns to the west, Clermont’s weather and topography are so appealing that the National Training Center, a world-class facility where elite athletes come to hone their skills, calls Clermont home.

Many national fun runs and obstacle races make it a point to visit here, as well — the hills are great for challenging events and long distances! Find apartments for rent in Clermont. Tourism is a top money-maker in Kissimmee , but the charming downtown and its surroundings built on the dual-powerhouse industries of cattle ranching and farming merge rancher history and modern-day living.

It’s still a tremendously popular event in the city. Kissimmee essentially borders Walt Disney World, so not only is ongoing development bringing more industry to the city, but you’re within day-trip range of the happiest place on Earth. Among the more recent projects is the Margaritaville Resort Orlando, which includes homes, a water park and massive dining, shopping and entertainment complexes. There’s no shortage of attractions around here. Find apartments for rent in Kissimmee.

To the north and slightly east of Orlando, you’ll find the town of Longwood. With a moderate-sized population, this city sees a big influx of people during working hours. This is thanks to all the businesses in the area. This Florida location plays a significant role in why businesses like to set up shop around here.

This Central Florida spot not only makes it easy to get into Orlando but even as far as the coast, on either side of the state. Happily, it’s not all business here. Features of this town include plenty of parks full of kid-friendly playgrounds, beautiful green spaces, trails and more.

Find apartments for rent in Longwood. With more convenience to downtown, Ocoee — at just under 14 miles — is one of the closest cities on this list to Orlando. A quick scoot on the highway will have you inside the in an average of 20 minutes. And your apartment community will have a far more relaxed vibe. One that’s easier on the pocketbook, too. Farm-to-table fans will note that Ocoee is near many of the city’s best restaurant suppliers, like Lake Meadow Naturals.

You can also pick blueberries in your figurative backyard when they’re in season! Find apartments for rent in Ocoee. Like many cities near Orlando, Sanford is sprawling.

It has an amazing historic downtown with brick streets, charming buildings and a growing roster of hip attractions from nightlife to great restaurants, galleries and boutiques. All of this nestles up, slightly to the east of Orlando, against the shore of Lake Monroe. Other attractions make for as exciting a night out as any in Orlando, with the added benefit of appealing to every age bracket.

Living here is also very convenient, thanks to Sanford being exceedingly easy to navigate when it comes to parking. Walkability is also epic.

This is a beautiful town to visit and even better to live in and still easily commutable to downtown, with a location only about 25 to 30 miles away from the business district. Find apartments for rent in Sanford.

Like Sanford, Winter Garden , also has a historic downtown with lots to do — from the idyllic live oaks over the patio at Plant Street Market to a living, breathing railroad museum to charm the oldest and youngest in your troupe with ease.

Winter Garden, west of the Orlando metro, is also easily commutable, but with a small-town feel that lowers the blood pressure. Despite its ‘burb location on a map, Winter Garden is home to two of the most well-reviewed restaurants in the area, both of which are on-site at the charming Edgewater Hotel. Find apartments for rent in Winter Garden. Situated to the north of Orlando, this site contains beautiful, residential neighborhoods, making Winter Park a perfect city to call home.

There’s no shortage of culture and fun to discover while living here either. This cool Florida neighborhood is close to the city center but with an identity all its own. Parks, lakes and a few other attractions seal the deal as to why the radius around Winter Park has it all, so don’t be surprised if you happen upon Orlando tourists broadening their search for the perfect vacation spot.

There are so many options available to anyone wanting to live as close to the big city as possible. This region of Florida is full of towns to explore and discover in a variety of distances from the hustle and bustle of it all. These areas are for the Florida residents, not for tourists, so if you’re ready to explore the best places near Orlando to call home, it’s time to start your search.

From cities to suburbs, find an apartment located near Orlando today! Lesly Gregory has over 15 years of marketing experience, ranging from community management to blogging to creating marketing collateral for a variety of industries. A graduate of Boston University, Lesly holds a B. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband, two young children, three cats and assorted fish. It’s all affordable Before beginning to explore the small towns and other areas within Central Florida to consider calling home, you’re already starting from an ideal vantage point when it comes to budget.

Altamonte Springs Population: 46, Distance from downtown Orlando: Find apartments for rent in Altamonte Springs 2. Apopka Population: 54, Distance from downtown Orlando: About The Author. Lesly Gregory.


– Best small towns near orlando florida

The quiet suburb of Casselberry offers residents a small-town feel without sacrificing common Florida amenities like shops and restaurants that make the area worth a visit. Its crystal-clear waters are ideal for sightings of the famous sea cows, and the constant temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, combined with visibility often reaching feet, ensures an enjoyable snorkeling experience.


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