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Best states for racial diversity
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In Nevada, Most Liberal Cities In America. With multiple centers and institutes, the university serves many diverse cultures and histories. Death is expensive. Click to enlarge. Residing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has its advantages for attracting a globally diverse student body. Court Battles – 7h 15m ago.

Best states for racial diversity


The U. Census Bureau published the Census in early August, revealing an increasingly diverse overall population within the United States — and, for the first time, a decline in people who identified solely as white. Although there has been a dramatic shift in U.

In addition to general population figures, the U. Population: , Diversity index: Population: 4,, Diversity index: Population: 3,, Diversity index: Population: 1,, Diversity index: Related: For more recent diversity and inclusion news, click here.

Leading academic researchers shared scientific evidence on the experiences of women of color at work and solutions to the obstacles they face at the annual Women of Color and Their Allies event held in Louisville on Sept.

One area of research was the motherhood…. Air Force proposed strategies on how women of color can be supported in the workplace through the lens of intersectionality. One of…. Capital One and DiversityInc shared the results of their collaborative research report on women of color in the workplace at the annual Women of Color and Their Allies event held in Louisville on Sept.

Death is expensive. Allyship is a journey rather than a destination. The work of an ally never really ends and allies understand they are not necessarily always working toward a goal, but rather, serving a greater purpose.

Following the murder of George Floyd, the role of Chief Diversity Officers has become more important as companies started to be more intentional with their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, which has made the last few years tumultuous for many CDOs. In the latest installment of a series of articles…. It’s time to read the 5BiggestNewsStories of the Week! In the latest installment of our Where Are They Now?

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Who would have guessed that out of all the states in America, Wyoming would be one of the best as far as racial equality goes?

According to the American Community Survey , there isn’t an income gap between white people and people of color.

It’s the only state that can boast this stat. The only caveat is that there aren’t many people of color in the state. The U. Census found that The next highest percentage is Hispanic or Latino at West Virginia is second, but it isn’t all made in the shade. West Virginia has a complicated past with racial equality, but studies have shown that the state also has one of the smallest education gaps.

White students and students of color also have around the same standardized test scores. One of the biggest things West Virginia can work on is the wage gap. Montana still has a long way to go as it’s still a predominately white state. The population breakdown is Many African Americans still struggle with racism, but studies found that the state has good stats.

Montana is second for the lowest gap in ACT scores between people of color and white people. The state also placed fourth for the smallest gap for adults with at least a bachelor’s degree. The wage gap is also pretty decent, with only a New Mexico is one of the few states that have worked toward racial equality before the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

The state began a year plan starting in , outlining what other states are doing to combat racism while setting goals to stop racism in their own communities. New Mexico ranks fourth for the lowest median annual income gap, meaning people of color get paid about the same as white Americans. It also ranked fourth for the lowest unemployment rate gap and the smallest poverty rate gap. Idaho is ranked pretty high for racial equality, although it has a very large white population. The stats show that Idaho ranks second for the lowest gap of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree, and the state is also third for lowest average ACT score gap.

However, people of color have a different story. East Idaho News reported on this subject, interviewing several people on their lives. Many stated they grew up with regular racism, thinking about everything from the way they dressed to the way they talked to avoid being accosted. New Hampshire may be a little lower on the list, but statistically, it’s doing quite a bit. It ranked first in three categories, including the lowest standardized-test score gap, the lowest mean SAT score gap, and the lowest average ACT score gap.

Apparently, education is really important in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, New Hampshire also has one of the worst income gaps in the nation. As of June, New Hampshire also decided to try new methods to fight racism, including proposals to involve civilians in police oversight, more transparency in investigations of misconduct, restricting the use of force, and more. Vermont is doing its part.

Not only is the income gap lower than some of the states listed above, but it also has a News differed from the WalletHub study, finding that Vermont was first overall for racial and gender equality.

According to Stowe Reporter , this group aimed to “adapt educational standards about diversity for Vermont’s schools,”. Texas is ranked eight for states with the most racial equality.

AP News also puts Texas pretty high for states that have the most racial integration. Zippia did discover that Texas only had an For a state that consistently preaches to “Remember the Alamo,” it’s hard for people of color to see it as anything but racist.

The systematic abuse from the police toward local communities explain what people of color live with every day. Austin and other major Texas cities have had intense Black Lives Matter movements this year alone. Arizona has mixed stats, putting it near the top but not quite in the area states should strive for.

The western state has a pay gap of just 8. However, it also has an extremely high incarceration rate of 2, per , residents. Arizona’s racial breakdown is currently Those who live in the state have been fighting racism for quite a while. Arizona notoriously started the SB “show me your papers” legislation, which was disapproved by Americans and the U. Supreme Court alike. The Black Lives Matter protests were backed by the Latino community, wanting progress toward their own racial discrimination.

One woman who hears regular racial slurs as a part of her daily life stated, “We are made to feel unwelcome here, no matter what we’ve done or how long we’ve been here. Oklahoma made it to the top 10 for WalletHub , but we’re not sure why. The only slightly positive for this state is a Even then, another WalletHub study for economic racial equality put Oklahoma at 26, which is similar to U. News puts it at 25 for education gap by race and 23 for employment by race. This source also put Oklahoma at 22 for income gap by race.

Tulsa alone is infamous for the behavior of residents. It was also where two men shot and killed three Black people, injuring two others. The attack was racially motivated. Recently this year, an ex-Tulsa detention officer was charged with first-degree manslaughter for shooting Carlos Carson. Stories like this aren’t uncommon in Oklahoma. In some lists, Tennessee ranks in the top 10, but not according to WalletHub.

Tennessee has an income gap of News ranked them as 9 for income gap by race and 10 for education by race. However, it’s hard to forget Tennessee’s history and behaviors from elected officials. For decades, Tennessee residents have been fighting racism.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Since the early s, residents have been fighting for free speech in schools and flying the Confederate flag in public buildings. Elected officials aren’t embracing equality as Rep. Kentucky actually ranked pretty high from several sources. News found that Kentucky was ranked fourth for education gap by race. It also ranked second for income gap by race.

However, Zippia did some further digging and put the actual income gap at Recent news tells a completely different story. Kentucky is the very state where Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own home by police officers that were not in uniform. Protests calling for justice raged throughout the state, bringing to light many other instances of racism throughout Kentucky. Arkansas is ranked pretty high for a couple of things. According to U. News , the state ranks 13 for employment gap by race and 11 for income gap by race, meaning the stats show it’s working toward equality.

Zippia found that the income gap is A recent poll by Hendrix College showed a different reality. There are still many towns in the state that are clearly discriminatory, causing some visitors to shy away.

A report by AP found that Arkansas is only one of four states without specific hate crimes law save for one in Little Rock , and that the state is home to many supremacist groups.

North Dakota has a lot of work to do, as well. The state may be ranked 14 for WalletHub ‘s overall study, but the economic equality study put it all the way down at Zippia makes it clear why — the income gap is a staggering The only saving grace is that North Dakota ranks well for education gap by race. As far as actually living there, it seems to be a mixed bag. A radio station asked the question “Is North Dakota Racist? We have a lot of KKK and white supremacists here.

Georgia’s stats look decent — not great, but decent. Zippia found that there’s a News put Georgia in the 20s for each education, income, and employment. Looking at local news, it feels like Georgia’s stats are off. Earlier this year, Ahmaud Arbery was simply jogging when he was chased down and shot by three men in a racially charged attack. This is just one of many stories that have come out of Georgia. A week ago, a Georgia Southern volleyball player used racist language and was forced to apologize.

Another is a Jimmy John’s worker who was fired for making a dough noose and posting it to snapchat. Hawaii has a unique history, and it’s one of the few states in America where white people are actually a minority. According to the U.


Best states for racial diversity

States 1. New Hampshire is the country’s fourth-least diverse state. You can download the data here. This diverse university is home to students of many ethnicities: 17 percent are Asian, The campus serves more than 20, students, faculty and staff who come from diverse backgrounds.