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How much are carnival tickets 2021
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Most cheerful places. The seats are large concrete steps with a great view of the parade. Most affordable tickets from the Sambadrome, Grandstands tickets are not numbered or assigned, except for the Sector 9, the tourist sector, which provide more comfort and space, and a better structure overall.

Allocated Chairs are assigned seats, available only on Sectors 12 of the Sambadrome. The sector is organized in an open-air theatre of chairs facing the parade. Ideal for those who want to secure an assigned numbered chair without paying too much. The Front Box are located at the floor level, as close to the runaway as it gets, in four rows of boxes, from A to D. Each box sits six people in numbered chairs.

They are absolutely the best tickets you can get if your goal is to watch the parades. The front box areas are the least crowded of the sambadrome. Sector 9 also offers best structure and is close to transfers access. The best options for parties up to 12 people and exclusive to Bookers International, the Covered boxes are located in Sector 7 at the level Row-D level. With a privileged view above rows A, B and C. The Covered Box is ideal for those who are looking for more space and comfort to watch the parade.

Equipped with a super fan, each Box accommodates up to 12 people on a U-shaped sofa with cushioned seats, and phone chargers. Tickets Buy your Rio Carnival Tickets Daily departure from the Helpdesk in Copacabana departs 7PM all days all parade days. T-shirt and metro pass on our own.

I will tell you why Bookers is your best bet. Over , clients. No Complaints. All parading days. All prices are Per Person. Sector 3. Sector 4. Sector 5. Sector 6. Sector 7. Sector 8. Sector 9. Sector Sold out.

Prices Per Person in an Open Box frisa that accommodates six people. Sector 2. All prices are per person. Show map. Payment: Credit Card Mastercard.

PayPal Use your account. Assistance by phone, e-mail, skype and WhatsApp. You really talk to the sellers. Only agency with a physical Customer Service Center during the Carnival days. Best customer service in the market. Need assistance to buy, any doubts? Chat On-line. Sector 2 Row A or B. Sector 2 Row C or D. Sector 3 Row A or B. Sector 3 Row C or D. Sector 4 Row A or B. Sector 4 Row C or D.

Sector 5 Row A or B. Sector 5 Row C or D. Sector 6 Row A or B. Sector 6 Row C or D. Sector 7 Row A or B. Sector 7 Row C or D. Sector 8 Row A or B. Sector 8 Row C or D. Sector 9 Row A or B. Sector 9 Row C or D. Sector 10 Row A or B. Sector 10 Row C or D. Sector 11 Row A or B. Sector 11 Row C or D. Sector 13 Row D or G. Sector 7 Row D.



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