How safe is asheville north carolina – how safe is asheville north carolina –

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How safe is asheville north carolina – how safe is asheville north carolina
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In addition, NeighborhoodScout found that a lot of the carlina that takes place in Asheville is property crime. Agree Disagree Zack said recent police actions to curb gun violence have not meant “over policing” of minority neighborhoods, in part because of low officer numbers, but also because of heavy use of data and a focus on the few people who are responsible for much of the crime. I think those are the kinds of things you want to focus on, and would truly affect anyone as we all want to feel safe. I appreciate your story.


Study ranks Asheville in top 10% of most violent cities in America | WLOS


City Violent per k Property per k Pop. Reviews for Asheville Reviews. Once a good city, now a place one should avoid. Read More. Agree 74 Disagree What happened to Asheville? At one time downtown and the charming family friendly neighborhoods within, reminded me of The Waltons Scotty Reply 2 Replies. Agree Disagree Small but if you look close you see big liberal city problems in this town. Mainly because it is overwhelming liberal.

These men and women risk their lives everyday and all they have received in return is a city full of ungrateful residents who would like nothing more than to defund the department and disband the force.

That was until we heard about the dismal police department and democrats pandering to the criminals. We are retiring in Texas where the republican strong hold will leave us a safe environment and gun laws resident protected as desired. What part of Texas?

I also have thought about retiring to Asheville, until I saw all the dismal facts about what is going on now. For such a small city, the transient homeless population is ridiculous. If you are disabled or elderly, this town is hellish.

This town cares about one thing only,profiting off others misery. We left Asheville a year ago mostly because of the crime, the traffic and the overall decline in quality of life. Why would they? Asheville is not desirable anymore and that is also for a lot of reasons and a lot of those reasons have to do with greed in Corporatism.

Asheville has become a beer town with an art problem. Its amenities are overrated. Asheville is infested with panhandlers pretending to be homeless and the police are not allowed to run them off. Certainly there were a lot of outside agitators from far right organizations coming in but the local police were out of control and perhaps they were provoked into becoming out of control.

Asheville has gone through quite a few police chiefs over the years so it would seem that perhaps there are members of the department that are unmanageable. It used to be one of the best places to live. The quality of life descended so rapidly that we had to leave for safety of a family and a peace of mind. In addition to that healthcare in western North Carolina is atrocious and the city allowed one of the most criminal companies in the world hospital corporation of America to take over mission hospital.

The medical mafia is thriving in western North Carolina. Criminality in Healthcare is common all over the country but it is worse in Asheville and western North Carolina. The upside to us leaving as we got a lot of money for a property there. The day we left there were three shootings. Or login with Facebook, Google or Yahoo! Calendar Classifieds Guides.

Log in Register. We discovered that: Asheville had a total crime score of Statewide, the average property crime rate in large cities was Mountain Xpress posts selected news and information of local interest as a public service for our readers. To submit press releases and other community material for possible publication, email news mountainx.

Older Post. Before you comment The comments section is here to provide a platform for civil dialogue on the issues we face together as a local community.

Your e-mail address will not be published. All fields are required. Enter your WordPress. One of the biggest draws in Asheville is its downtown district. Downtown Asheville is a safe place to visit, and residents and tourists alike frequent the many restaurants, pubs, and shops that downtown has to offer. The areas surrounding downtown, such as the South Slope, West Asheville , and the River Arts District have seen a boom in both residential and commercial construction and renovation over the last few years.

West Asheville has long been known for its hip vibe, with residents enjoying the walkable Haywood Road commercial district.

As West Asheville has grown in popularity, many older or dilapidated homes have been restored or torn down to make room for new homes. The River Arts District has become a mecca for artists, and several popular breweries and restaurants have opened there in renovated industrial buildings. A lot of prospective Asheville real estate buyers, especially those from larger cities, tell us they are specifically interested in living in a gated community near Asheville.

However, for second home owners, a gated community can provide a sense of security when the owners are not here for an extended period of time. Here are a few gated communities that are worth considering for year-round or seasonal residency. For this reason, be sure to lock your cars at night, or consider homes with garages or homes that are not situated right on a main street.

There are also a lot of safe neighborhoods in and around Asheville that are not gated. Some of the most desirable and safest neighborhoods in the Asheville area are the ones with lots of amenities in the neighborhood. These subdivisions instantly create a sense of community, because neighbors and families can build relationships with each other while enjoying playgrounds, tennis courts, hiking trails, and other neighborhood amenities.

Asheville offers a lot of neighborhoods with loads of on-site amenities. Here are a few of our favorites.