How to Create a Game on Scratch | Step-by-Step [Tutorial] for Beginners

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Is scratch good for making games
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This is exactly what we want! But when you boil it down, all games share two core requirements. Previous Post Next Post.

How to Make a Game on Scratch (with Pictures) – wikiHow.Is it possible to make professional games in Scratch? If not why not? – Discuss Scratch


Relationships Dating Love Relationship Issues. Hobbies and Crafts Crafts Drawing Games. All Categories. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1. Navigate to the Scratch Download page in a web browser. This is the web page where you can download the desktop version of Scratch.

Click Direct Download. It’s below the option to download Scratch from your system’s digital store. Alternatively, you can click Create at the top of the web page to start creating immediately online inside your web browser.

Double click the install file. The Scratch install file is “Scratch Desktop Setup 3. Once the install file is finished downloading, double-click the install file to begin the install process.

You can find downloaded files in your Downloads folder or in your web browser. Install Scratch. Click Install Click Yes to allow the Scratch installer to make changes to your system. Click Finish. Mac: Scratch the Scratch app icon to the Applications folder. Part 2. It has a yellow icon with an S on it. Click the icon in the Start menu on Windows. You can find it in the Applications folder on Mac. The first time you open Scratch, it asks if you want to send data to the Scratch team to help improve Scratch.

You can click No thanks or Yes, I’d like to help improve Scratch. If you select Yes, usage data will be sent to the Scratch team. The Scratch team does not collect personal information. Add a background. To add a background in Scratch, click the icon that resembles a photograph in the lower-right corner. Then select an image to use as a background. You can use the tabs at the top to browse backgrounds by category or use the search bar in the upper-left corner to search for background by name.

To upload your own background, hover the mouse cursor over the icon that resembles a photograph and click the icon that resembles a trey with an arrow pointing up. Click an image you want to use as a background and click Open. To draw your own background, hover the mouse cursor over the icon that resembles a photograph and click the icon that resembles a paintbrush. Use the paint tools to paint your own background. Add a sprite. Sprites are image objects that are part of the game scene.

They can be the player character, enemies or obstacles, non-player characters, power-ups and consumables, or animated background objects. To add a sprite, click the icon that resembles a cat in the lower-right corner. Then click a sprite you want to add to your scene. Like backgrounds, you can upload and paint your own sprites to your scene.

To do so, hover the mouse cursor over the icon that resembles a cat and click the icon that resembles a trey with an arrow pointing up to upload your own sprite. Click the icon that resembles a paintbrush to paint your own sprites. If you need to delete a sprite, click the sprite in the list below the Preview window in the upper-right corner and press the Delete key.

Drag the sprite where you want it to be at the start of the game. The preview window is in the upper-right corner. Click and drag the sprite to where you want it to be at the start of the game. Part 3. Click the sprite you want to add controls to. Click the sprite icon below the preview window in the upper-right corner to select a sprite.

It’s the first tab in the upper-left corner below the Scratch logo. Drag an event block into the code area. Before writing the steps to your game, it is important to decide what type of game you want to create. Will your game be a collecting game, a quiz game, or something else entirely?

It is also important to plan out the objectives of your game. What is it that you want the player to do? A simple objective could be getting the player to collect an item to make their score go up. Another might be to avoid falling obstacles for as long as you can. As the game maker, you get to choose what the player needs to do to win the game! Once you have decided on what type of game you want to build and the main objectives, you can start writing out the steps for your game.

How will the player start the game, attempt to meet the objectives of the game, and ultimately end the game? Planning out the goals for your game, the steps that are necessary to achieve those goals, and the pieces needed for each step are all important before you start building your game in Scratch.

Scratch provides a large base of backgrounds that you can use to customize your game. You can also upload or draw your own images, add text, sounds, or whatever you need to make your game great. You can go as simple or as detailed as you like here. This is where you get to decide if your game has a high-tech sci-fi theme or a medieval knights and dragons one. Or anything in between! Go ahead and add your chosen backdrops into Scratch at this point.

Sprites are the pieces of your Scratch game that get the most interaction. They are the images and objects that you will add code to. Pick sprites that go well with your visual theme and add them into the game! Each sprite needs their own code to tell them how to act. Does your player move using the keyboard, the mouse, or either one? Do the coins that the player is collecting move around the screen or are they static?

The game logic is all the coding that allows the different sprites in the game to interact with each other. How close does the player need to be to that coin in order to collect it?

What happens when the player collects the coin? Does a score go up? But when we see users who have been blocked and notified so many times, we start thinking that they’re not really interested in Scratch anymore, and we can no longer trust them. Based on your past history on the Scratch website, we don’t think you’ll be able to follow our Community Guidelines. Your account s will not be unblocked. Please do not use or make any Scratch accounts.

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I don’t see anything wrong with Scratch ‘most’ of the community has good intentions, I got banned for just saying heck, and is highly moderated – anything not appropriate gets reported instantly. Bolleyball Adult. My 10 yr old is on this site all the time.


Is scratch good for making games.25 Best Scratch Games

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Yes, it is. Because you can get started making an honest-to-goodness executable program with Scratch in seconds. You’re not going to make the. Scratch is a great way to start making games. People have pushed the limits of the engine to some pretty impressive results. The main selling. The platform allows users who are unfamiliar with computer programming to create amazing games, animations, and so on, which has resulted in many children.