Indiana jones 5 plot leak. A Major Plot Detail About INDY 5 Leaked?

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Most people think that the Indiana Jones movies finished as they rode off into the sunset in The Last Crusade. Then we had the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull … and people still thought it ended as they rode off into the sunset.

Indy 5 is happening, whether we like it or not. We have had details about the plot, but now something major has just come online. Some set photos have turned up online and seem to show something that a lot of people have already hinted at. You can call them conspiracy theories, but a few have predicted that Indy would find some kind of artefact that would allow time travel. The set photos show Indy and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a scene. Alongside them are Roman soldiers, seeming to show that some of the movie is set in a different time period.

These scenes could be some kind of flashback, but why would Indy and Waller-Bridge be in the same scenes? We were all guessing that Indy might go into space since it was set around the Apollo mission era , but now time travel?

Indiana Jones 5 is set to release on June 30, This film has had a long preproduction history, with director Steven Spielberg passing on the mantle to James Mangold, who has previously directed films like Logan and Ford v. Nobody can play Indy like the man who has played him since Harrison Ford will don the fedora again, reprising his role as archaeologist Indiana Jones.

As the movie has finished filming, there have been a few leaked details surrounding possible storylines the new film will follow. Set photos have suggested the movie will take place in after the successful Apollo 11 moon landing.

Other set photos have shown actors dressed as Roman soldiers, suggesting the possibility of time travel being introduced in this film. Skip to content. August 30, When is the Indiana Jones 5 release date? Who is in the Indiana Jones 5 cast? Have there been any Indiana Jones 5 leaks?



INDIANA JONES 5 Set Photos Seemingly Confirm Recently Leaked Plot Details – Possible SPOILERS.New Indy 5 Set Photos Seem To Confirm Leaked Time Travel Plot

Jul 09,  · Some new photos from the set of James Mangold’s Indiana Jones 5 have found their way online, and they seemingly confirm some recent – and highly divisive – plot details . Indiana Jones 5 Title and Plot revealed by British crew? Really interesting things leaked today. There were apparently several names registered with the MPAA but the rumoured title is said . The Indiana Jones 5 plot synopsis just leaked. I know it’s not Star Wars, but it’s still an iconic franchise being continued by the current Lucasfilm, so I thought I’d make a post about it. The .


Indiana jones 5 plot leak.Indiana Jones 5 plot synopsis leak? What magical artifact may mean for Harrison Ford movie

Finally, the footage sheds light on the relationship between Indiana Jones and Waller-Bridge’s Helena, revealing that she is his goddaughter. › /06/24 › indiana-jonestitle-and-plot-all. Lucasfilm’s upcoming fifth Indiana Jones film starring Harrison Ford allegedly had its title and plot leaked. The leaks reportedly occurred.