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However, according to FBI crime statistics, Charleston is not one of the safest cities in the United States. However, it is fairly close, and. Charleston, SC is a safe city even though one of the most popular attractions includes the place the first shots of the Civil War were fired. But perception shapes travel just as much as hard facts do. Sure, Charleston has a relatively low crime rate—it was the No.6 safest U.S. city of the

Is Charleston, South Carolina Safe? (Crime Rates And Crime Stats) – Van Life Wanderer – Entering Charleston and Downtown at Night


There is less possibility of being robbed or pickpocketed on public transportation. However, your car or personal items are more likely to be stolen. Although police visibility is beneficial, crime still occurs.

Residents speak highly about the safety of touring the region during the day and at night, so women travelling alone may feel at peace. There are more hotels that are recommended for their security vigilance than not. In Summerville, one in every 28 people is a victim of a crime. This Charleston neighborhood has a total population of 2, people, with a male to female ratio that is almost equal.

Though violent crime is nearly non-existent, there is still a significant prevalence of property crime. This area has some notable sites, such as Battery Park, where the history of the American Revolutionary War and Civil War is chronicled. As long as you remember to lock your vehicles when you leave, you will be well on your way to ensuring your safety in this area. Because police patrols are relatively successful, crime is reduced.

Because public transit is free of petty thieves, your cash and wallet are protected. This area has one of the smallest populations in Charleston. Total crime figures are per , residents, with violent crime events accounting for just It is safe to state that the cops are highly active in this area.

Traveling to and from locations is devoid of criminal activity, so you will arrive at your destination with the things and cash you brought with you.

Hotels in the area are as good and secure as they come. This neighborhood has a population of 12, people. Few factors make this location unsafe, such as highway junctions and property crimes. Property crime accounts for 1, of the total crime rate of 1, per , persons. The police are frequently observed in this neighborhood, which may appear to contribute to the lower crime rate.

Public transportation routes and stations have their own safety records. Is it safe to visit Charleston, South Carolina? This island is home to a wealth of gorgeous trees that awe tourists and visiting guests.

It is safe to wander even late at night and alone if you are female. The likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime on James Island is one in every This neighborhood has 40, residents and a total crime rate of 2, per , population. There have been armed robberies, thefts, murders, and homicides. Neighbors have reported hearing gunshots, most recently in Even as early as July , there was a triple homicide.

The police are quite active in this neighborhood, especially with the recent spate of instances. Is Charleston, South Carolina safe at night? Residents urge visitors to avoid visiting at night, especially solitary ladies, because the surroundings are dangerous. However, public transit remains quite safe, and cash thefts are extremely rare. This neighborhood, which was built along the Ashley River in downtown Charleston, is home to 6, people. Crime was at an all-time high in previous decades. Though things have improved, a few property and small crimes continue to keep police on their toes.

Residents advise against leaving anything of valuable visible in the vehicle. Pickpockets investigate as frequently as tourists enter the neighborhood. Is it safe to wander about Charleston, South Carolina? Many individuals enjoy riding their bikes to go somewhere, but it can be dangerous at night. Females are consequently urged to walk late at night only when accompanied. According to FBI figures from , crime in Charleston, SC showed an exponential increase in property crime vs violent crime.

The number of recorded violent crime occurrences was , while the number of reported property crime incidents was 3, The total crime rate of Charleston, SC is According to statistics, an average of 28 new individuals migrate into Charleston every day, making it the 47th fastest-growing metro in the United States.

However, it is fairly close, and Morris Island lighthouse is ideal for a tranquil stroll along the ocean. We are not representatives of the U.

Apply For Esta Visa Now. Check Esta Status Now. North Charleston. West Ashley. Harleston Village. Kiawah Island. James Island. Goose Creek. In Goose Creek, your chances of becoming a victim of a crime are 1 in West Ashley, though not free of crime, has one of the fewest records of incidents.

There were strings of car break-ins, burglaries, and double homicides. There were shootings, and a couple of teenagers were murdered. The police are usually up and about in this neighborhood, and it is tough to see crime pass by without action plans.

In , the police department had files of car break-ins registered, of which 52 guns were reported stolen. Is Charleston, SC safe? Recent criminal incidents in are far apart so exploring from place to place is safe. The residents favor bike riding. Nighttime is also safe and can be explored with solo traveling women having little fear of safety.

The public transportation axis has no recent record on pickpockets or panhandlers, so your cash and wallet are safe on you. There are safety tags also on hotels nearby. The total crime rate is 36 per 1, residents which is one of the highest in the US compared to similar-sized communities. In , a total of 1, crimes were reported, and 1, were property crimes alone. The property crime rate per 1, residents in this neighborhood, thus, is During public transits, there are fewer chances of being robbed of cash or pickpocketed.

However, there are higher chances of your vehicle or personal property being hijacked. The police visibility helps, but crime still happens regardless. Residents speak well about safety in exploring the district at day time and also night time, so women traveling alone can feel at ease. There are more hotels recommended for their security alertness than not. This area of Charleston has a total population of 2, with a partly equal number of male to female ratio.

Though violent crime is almost non-existent, it still does have a general high property crime rate. There are interesting attractions in this neighborhood like Battery Park where the history of the American Revolutionary War and Civil War was documented.

There is also the South Carolina Aquarium packed with several sea life animals! The police patrols are reasonably effective so the crime rate is curbed. Public transportation is free of petty criminals, providing reasons for the safety of your cash and wallet.

Nothing to worry about walking or biking in this neighborhood, female residents share about the safety even at late hours alone. The number of people in this neighborhood is one of the smallest in Charleston. No wonder residents advice on the beauty in exploring the district at any time of the day, whether single females or couples. The statistics for total crime is registered as for every , resident and violent crime incidents make up 68 only. Safe to say the police are very active in this neighborhood.

Commute to and fro places are free of criminal activities so you will return to your destination with the possessions and cash you took along. Hotels nearby are as ok and safe as they come. The population in this neighborhood is 12, Very few things make this area dangerous such as intersections in highways and property crimes.

The total crime is 1, per , people with property crime being 1, of the figure. The police in this neighborhood are often seen now and again, so this may seem to contribute to the decreasing crime rate experienced. There are clean records on murder or robbery, so you do not have to worry about being accosted or mugged of cash.

Public commute routes and stations have safety records too. By extension, is Charleston, SC safe to visit? This island boasts of a plethora of beautiful trees that tourists and traveling visitors get amazed by. It is safe to explore even at nights, and alone if female.

In James Island, the chance of becoming a crime victim is 1 in There are 40, people in this neighborhood where the total crime rate is 2, for every , residents. There have been incidents of armed robbery, thefts, murder, and homicide. Shootings are heard by neighbors especially in recent times in There was a triple homicide even early in July Police are thoroughly active in this neighborhood, noticeably now with the series of cases.

Typically , is Charleston, SC safe at night? Residents plead for travelers to halt on visitations especially during night time, principally for single females, as the environs are hardly safe. Public transportation still performs at optimal safety though, and cash thefts are very minimal.

In Goose Creek, your chance of being a crime victim is 1 in In the past decades, the crime rate was outrageous. Though it is better now, a couple of property and petty crimes still keep police on a constant lookout.


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This is compared to communities of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. In fact, your chance of getting your car stolen if you live in North Charleston is one in Crime risk data are updated annually. Crime Data FAQs. About NeighborhoodScout Data. About Us. Already have an account? Log In New to NeighborhoodScout? Create an account to add this page to your saved places.

By sending this Report you agree to NeighborhoodScout’s. North Charleston, SC crime analytics. San Bernardino. New Orleans. Downtown Charleston is generally a safe area to visit during the day time. America St. Charleston is not safe from hurricanes and is susceptible to them, due to its location on the coast and is something you have to take into consideration when visiting.

Charleston gets a direct hurricane hit every 9. Hurricane season in Charleston officially runs from June 1 to Nov. The peak of hurricane season is mid-August to mid-October. Fortunately there is usually adequate warning when a hurricane is brewing in the area.

This is your best resource for tracking and monitoring storms. Charleston is not in tornado alley. It is generally safe during commuting hours 8am — 6pm , however we do not recommend that you take the bus at night. You should opt for a taxi or ride sharing service instead. Charleston is safe at night as long as you stay away from the sketchy neighborhoods mentioned above. You should be able to mitigate your chances of being a victim if you study the layout of the city and avoid areas where crime is high.

Streets and squares that are perfectly safe in the day can be questionable at night. Stay where the tourists go during the day and avoid any places that are outside normal pedestrian areas at night. This makes Charleston a place where there is an above average chance of becoming a victim of a property crime, when compared to all other communities in America of all population sizes. Property crimes are motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny, and burglary.

Your chance of becoming a victim of any of these crimes in Charleston is one in Crime risk data are updated annually. Crime Data FAQs.

About NeighborhoodScout Data. About Us. Charleston, SC Crime Rates. Already have an account? Log In New to NeighborhoodScout? Here are just a few places I think you should consider visiting while you are here.

Take the guided tour and visit everything here. Go to the old market building to buy souvenirs and watch basket weavers. The building is beautiful and well worth a visit. Must see! I, for one, always wanted to see one up close and I realized that dream while here. Whether alone, with a friend or with family visit the South Carolina Aquarium.

This place has so many marine animals that you can make a day out of it. Your Review. Title of your review. Skip to content. Safety Index: Charleston has a Annual Report that details crime trends, safety programs, and traffic challenges. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the city as it moves past the pandemic slowdown.

The locals in Charleston are very friendly by nature. This can be unnerving since one of the scam warnings is to avoid people who seem too friendly. Be nice but on guard when having conversations. This can make it hard for a tourist to ask for directions. Study the street names and pronunciations ahead of time.

If you see an alligator, just stay away from it. Rarely will they chase someone down.