Is providence college a good party school

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Is providence college a good party school
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Providence College is the biggest party school in Rhode Island, according to the latest data from College Prowler. PC is a big bar school, whether you are walking from campus or taking the bus downtown. Providence College has a quality, top notch, education system for a small catholic institution. The professors are amazing, ratio is about student:faculty.


– Ultimate Guide to the Party Scene at Providence College – Society19

Party Scene ; Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week. 20% ; Lots of options Wednesday-Saturday. 54% ; Some decent frat/house parties, weekends only. Poll. What political party do you associate yourself with? Based on 24 responses. Republican. 25%. Democratic. 29%. Independent. 17%. I don’t care about.


Is providence college a good party school. Ultimate Guide to the Party Scene at Providence College


From all the research and student reveiws I have heard though it seems there is a lot of drinking and parties almost every day of the week.

Since i dont drink or enjoy the typical “party” will I still have fun and not be bored? Thanks, any advice will be appreciated.

I’m a HS junior and will be visiting in April. My SAT’s were not what I expected based on my practice tests so i’m waiting to take them again.

It is just a matter of finding fellow students that enjoy what you do, and that is why they invented clubs. So while some schools might be a “10” on the party scale and others a “6” I don’t think any are lower than that, lol , even the 10’s have people that will be like you. You just have to seek them out. Both started out without ANY “party” experience and they both have the same reactions: it is what you make of it. YOU are the one to decide who your friends are and what you do.

Both of my children report that it can be “pretty boring” at times on campus. One positive according to my oldest is that students do not have to drive drunk and “party”: Bars are walkable or on bus line lovely. I have heard several reports from both of them that students are frequently “transported” to the hospital for drinking AND parents are not even notified if you are 18 years old. I was curious if the other poster submitted theirs. I think you only need to submit them to be considered for merit scholarships.

Also easy to take train up to Boston, just keep an eye the schedules:. Both cities have a multitude of fun activities for students — restaurants, shopping, concerts , shows, sports, other colleges, etc. As others have said — it is what you make of it. Good luck! Was it through clubs or in your dorm or somewhere else?

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