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The next day, Gerry takes his half of the winnings, buys back the car he had to sell earlier, and he and Curtis go their separate ways. The next day, the duo go to a dog track, where they win quite a bit of money, but Gerry is unable to quit while they are ahead and ends up gambling it all away.

The first stop is in St. Louis, where they win big on a riverboat casino. Simone, who has been with Curtis before, warns him about previous times he has trusted another gambler and got burned.

Now in Memphis, Gerry is winning big at a poker table, but loses everything when a river card gives the pot to his opponent. Curtis tags along and waits in the car while Gerry and Dorothy talk. While Curtis is talking to Simone on his phone, Dorothy catches Gerry trying to steal money from her and kicks him out of the house.

They continue on to New Orleans, where they decide to go to a horse track. With no money to gamble with, Gerry sells his car. They decide to bet it all on a longshot, but Curtis decides to bet on another horse named Mississippi Grind instead, and that horse ends up winning. Curtis goes to a local cabaret, where his mother Cherry Marshall Chapman is performing, and gives her the winnings. Gerry goes to the local casino, and he spends his last few dollars playing roulette, and wins.

Curtis also goes to the casino, where he catches up with Gerry at the blackjack table. Gerry wins a big hand, and he splits the winnings with Curtis. Curtis takes a break to take a call from Simone, where he proclaims his love to her, then returns to the table. That night, Gerry tells Curtis he wants to use his share of the money to do something nice for his estranged daughter Wendy.

They were comped a suite by the casino, and they place the money in the room safe. The next morning, Curtis wakes up to discover Gerry is gone, and he took his half of the money. Mississippi Grind Submitted by Steve 1 votes 4.


– The Gambling Drama Mississippi Grind Will Break Your Heart

Life is Cheap


Mississippi grind ending explained. ‘Mississippi Grind’: A Beautifully Bittersweet Road Movie


Mississippi Grindin mississippi grind ending explained the low-key, ambiguous character pieces of the 70s, could end up at any one of several places along my critical spectrum. Or a con film without a con. When their paths cross a second time, seemingly by pure chance, Gerry, feeling the pinch from Sam, suggests taking a trip down the Mississippi, gambling as they go, ending up at the fabled poker game in New Orleans.

As a character drama, Mississippi Grind invites us to meditate upon its characters. But Curtis is no cut-and-dried hustler. You wait for the film to reveal his true amorality, but it never quite does. He is always on the move and has friends everywhere, but settling down seems mississippi grind ending explained be out of the question. In the 70s tradition, we are presented with these men and their world in a frank manner, and introspection is largely foregone in favor of simply showing them embarking on their little adventure.

This is not to say it is a dispassionate or cold film, so much as an objective one. At times, this approach works beautifully. At other times, it results in the film feeling a little flat and earthbound. When the setting shifts to the glossy, impersonal modern casinos, the vintage edge and flavor is lost, основываясь на этих данных the film feels a bit less special for it.

And by focusing mostly on the major cities mississippi grind ending explained Dubuque and New Orleans St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, etc.

The third act is where the film departs most from the 70s model when it first seems to most adhere to it. On reaching New Orleans, Gerry and Curtis go to a racetrack, having pawned the car and a box of valuables Gerry has kept for such a purpose, and seemingly lose most of what money they had left. We then see that Curtis bet on the winner and made mississippi grind ending explained few thousand, and he sets off by himself.

Then, Gerry decides to track down the poker game himself, and ultimately finds himself at the door of Tony Roundtree veteran writer-director James Tobackwho lets Gerry beg for information, finally name-dropping Curtis, before giving him a punch in the face for his trouble.

Curtis, meanwhile, goes to узнать больше здесь dive bar and meets his mother, before heading off into the night. Gerry goes to a casino and puts down the last of his money on a game of blackjack. He begins to win. Curtis runs into him and begins to play him. Gerry continues to win, and ultimately accumulates a decent little pile of chips.

We cut to Gerry and Curtis at mississippi grind ending explained table laden with lobsters and steaks, Curtis eating ravenously, Gerry eating nothing, and complaining that his steak tastes off, before asking the waitress for a cheeseburger a nice touch—a man so used to failure that he literally cannot stomach success.

They discuss their future plans, Gerry saying he wants to do something nice for his daughter. Come the morning, Gerry mississippi grind ending explained to a safe in their hotel suite and looks at their pile of winnings, pondering what to do with them. Later, Curtis wakes up with mississippi grind ending explained woman by his sideignoring a phone call from Simone, and discovers that /14924.txt has left with his share of the money, leaving a cheerful note telling Curtis mississippi grind ending explained finally travel to Peru which has mentioned throughout the film as his dream destination, sincerely or not.

Curtis checks out of the hotel, telling the desk clerk he means to go mississippi grind ending explained Peru, before asking mississippi grind ending explained to join him. This third act gave me a lot to chew on. First—and this is of course a reflection of the expectations I brought to the table—there are several points where it could have ended, with the characters down and out, and it would have been in keeping with the bleak, ambiguous finales of many 70s films.

I kept waiting—throughout the entire film, really—for the детальнее на этой странице to drop, for Curtis to be proven a villain, for Gerry to lose everything, perhaps even his life, through his inability to help himself. Some would call bullshit. But to me, the film is just showing us the nature of luck. Sometimes, you do get lucky. Sometimes you beat the odds and actually seize a bit of glory for yourself.

And Gerry, who has brought himself to so much grief, can hardly compute it when he does. Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше is in uncharted waters. And the film leaves him there, which is not a bad place for such a film as this. As you might have inferred by now, the script by directors Mississippi grind ending explained Boden and Ryan Fleck has a lot going for it.

What it chooses to show and what it leaves out often works in its favor, and when it does, it is not a fatal flaw. And their direction, best when it sticks to showing the hidden corners of the world, those places where time seems to have stopped 30 or 40 years earlier, keeps the film moving along just fine.

Technically, it rarely puts a foot wrong. In fact, I suspect the film will be completely overlooked come awards season, and will be quite happy to be proven wrong. Reynolds is arguably even better, using the smooth charisma which made him a star in the first place, but putting it in a mississippi grind ending explained different context. Curtis is a suave, persuasive individual, and Reynolds plays that extremely well, but he also shows why one should be careful mississippi grind ending explained such a man.

Miller is completely adequate, but I have yet to /16731.txt a performance of увидеть больше that was mississippi grind ending explained memorable. She wins you over, yet you realize things will mississippi grind ending explained not work mississippi grind ending explained as they should for her. Alfre Woodard has less than 5 minutes of screentime the role is almost insultingly truncatedbut as the loanshark who treats her clients with the same gentle, yet mississippi grind ending explained tone as she speaks to her children, she makes a hell of an impression.

Weigert is arguably stuck with the harridan ex-wife role, mississippi grind ending explained given the shit Gerry pulls, her attitude /3435.txt entirely reasonable, and Weigert solidly conveys someone with no patience left for this sad-sack.

Mississippi Grind may not go mississippi grind ending explained as one of the great films, or even one of the great films about gambling, but it has enough in its favor to be worth catching. I myself caught in the only local theater showing it, on the last day of its run, but home viewing is perfectly suitable for this small-time tale.

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Source In the 70s tradition, we are presented with these men and their world in a frank manner, and introspection is largely foregone in favor of simply showing them embarking on their little adventure.

The beginning of a dangerous friendship. Source As you might have inferred by now, the script by directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck has a lot going for it.

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