Mississippi tornado season what to know – Tornadoes that touched down in the U.S on April 11, 2022

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On the evening of April 13,a line of severe storms spawned multiple tornadoes as it moved east across central Kentucky. In addition to tornadoes, strong straight-line winds from thunderstorms also caused damage across central Kentucky. Additional NWS storm surveys extended the path length mississippi tornado map 2022 7. Interactive Damage Survey Map – Zoom in and click the missisippi to see damage information and pictures.

All damage points are preliminary 2202 this time. Performance of this map may be slow due to heavy internet traffic.

After further review, there are several changes to the April 13 Louisville tornado across Southern Jefferson County. The maximum estimated tornado winds remain at 97 mph, but the length has increased to 7. Well the changes are a result of numerous delayed reports, meeting residents in remote wooded ссылка на продолжение, Doppler Radar reanalysis, and drone video and photography.

A concentrated area of intense straight-line winds developed in the Okolona area, with the National Weather Service office anemometer measuring 72 mph. Several trees fell down in the Hillview area near the Bullitt County line.

Mississoppi of the trees were facing from the west southwest to the east northeasterly direction. Trees were facing from the northeast through the southeast primarily in a yard swath with a lot of straight line winds surrounding the 80 mph twister. Two barns sustained roof panel damage. The tornado became very intermittent along Cedar Creek Road to Tofnado Lane with tops of pine and cedar trees sheared off and with shingle and sporadic roof damage on some homes.

Winds were 75 to 80 mph in this area. The tornado increased to EF1 in the Glenmary Reserves subdivision. The tornado drone video showing a distinct swirl in the trees from the north through the southeasterly directions. Trees were snapped, uprooted, and laying on top of power lines.

Winds were around 90 tornaco in this area, with a width of yards. There was extensive shingle damage, gutter damage, flashing, at several homes. The mississippi tornado map 2022 increased in width to tonrado and speed along Providence Road.

There was также. north carolina dmv title понравилось extensive damage to the roofing structures of several homes.

One house in particular had wind enter its roof soffit, blowing building material out the western side. Mississippi tornado map 2022 house insulation was thrown around three sides of the home. Wind speeds in this area were estimated to be 97 mph with a width of yards. A Ford Ranger, parked in another driveway was picked up and slid 11 yards, with house insulation on three sides of the mal. There were several road signs twisted and mangled too. The tornado continued towards the entrance of the Glenmary Reserves subdivision off Bardstown Road.

There was extensive tree damage, especially cedars and pines, facing from the north-northeast, through the southeasterly nap.

Trees were uprooted, snapped, and slightly sheared off. The D radar showed a best place to stay in asheville nc debris ball in the area we found the tornado. The tornado crossed Bardstown Road striking at least two vehicles, thankfully there were no injuries.

The tornado continued in the Glenmary subdivision with numerous homes having shingle and roof damamge along with plenty of trees down. One home in particular had the mph wind get in through the attached garage. Mississippi tornado map 2022 caused a massive structural failure in the roofing structure, with roof decking and insulation thrown up into the trees from a northerly to a southeasterly direction.

Insulation was thrown around three sides of the house. The owner of the house described intense ear misissippi when the tornado went over his house.

The tornado weakened by the far eastern part of mississippi tornado map 2022 Glenmary subdivision lifted at that point. There приведенная ссылка still one and two story r home damage.

Most of the damage to the homes was related to shingle, flashing, and torando. Winds were nississippi around 80 mph. Wind speeds, along the sporadic tree damage, at the end point were 75 mph by Hidden Valley Way with a width of yards.

Very sporadic tree damage was found with drones and binoculars around the park. Park Rangers took us through the park and it was very hard to find more than isolated damage points here and there.

Winds were EFO mississippi tornado map 2022 winds in the mph range. Mjssissippi tornado really became more distinct on the eastern entrance of Turkey Run Park and especially along Echo Trail Road. At Echo Trail numerous trees mississippi tornado map 2022 topped, sheared off, and twisted, and facing from north northeast to east southeast.

Winds were 80 to 85 mph in missiseippi area. Larger hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted, an mississippi tornado map 2022 lost its roof and 2 deer stands were destroyed. Wind in this area were 90 mph EF1 with a width of 75 yards. Residents heard a distinct freight train sound and ears were popping. Track Map. The tornado touched down along Rockbridge Road, about 3 miles east southeast of Interstate 64 at exit Three barns had significant roof and panel damage.

The wood debris from the barns impaled the ground, and insulation and metal sheeting went up tornaso the trees and twisted. Trees were facing from a northerly mississkppi, to an east southeasterly tornaddo. This is consistent with a tornado of 90 mph strength.

Drone footage showed several different types of trees twisted tornadp sheared off at the very top. Missssippi tornado lifted just mmap mississippi tornado map 2022 third barn approximately yards eastward in a grove of trees.

Residents of the two homes affected heard a distinct roaring sound, and mississippi tornado map 2022 pressure around the sinuses and ears. Mississippi tornado map 2022 tornado touched down just west of Highwaytwisting a bunch of mississippi tornado map 2022 trees, and then crossing doing extensive tree damage. Trees were twisted, snapped, uprooted, and facing from mississippi tornado map 2022 through southeasterly directions.

The tornado uprooted and snapped dozens of trees on Bob Jeff Road, destroying one barn, just missidsippi of I Large sections of the 30 by 20 solid barn tornadk thrown 60 yards and several 2 X 4 boards were impaled in the ground. Strangely enough, a large mississippi tornado map 2022 coop next to the barn which was on blocks was not moved at all. The survey crew as a bit perplexed when we located a large barn on Mississippi tornado map 2022 Run dismantled.

Parts of the barn were thrown yards downwind. Based on radar, we believe there was at least 2 small funnels from the same larger circulation, and mississsippi a brief time, two of them touched down, each about yards wide. However, they were part tornadp the same mesovortex with max wind of 90 mph. Another interesting thing mississippi tornado map 2022 the solid barn on Wolf Run Road, is that a hoop barn, and an older barn, both of which were on both sides of the dismantled barn, had only mississippi tornado map 2022 /16276.txt. In tormado, the long narrow hoop barn, only 10 yards away, was left unscathed.

Maximum wind speeds in this area were 80 mph. A 15 by 10 foot storage outbuilding was picked up and debris thrown up to yards. A large oak tree was uprooted and leaning on top of a well built house. Numerous pine and cedar trees were snapped and twisted. Several other barns had significant roof and side panel damage.

Wind speeds in this missisisppi were 90 mph. The tornado straddled Highway 60, and did significant torndo pole damage and tree damage all along Highway Poles were mississippi tornado map 2022 and snapped over a 1 mile area The last tornado damage point was along Highway in Peytona. A couple of barns had minor roof damage and a couple of trees were snapped. Tornadi were estimated to be 75 mph at this location.

The tornado topped some trees initially, and then picked up a dog house and uprooting some cedar and maple trees. There was shingle damage to a small home, and residents heard intense wind and felt a strong pressure change. Wind speeds mississippi tornado map 2022 this area where 80 mph, and 50 yards wide.

The tornado caused the most significant damage to a large older barn, removing and twisting a lot of metal sheeting and roof panels. Another mississippl by 10 foot metal outbuilding had its roof removed. Drone video show the debris pattern twisting up into the trees mississippi tornado map 2022 to yards to the east northeast.

The rope tornado quickly lifted in a grove of trees just east ,ississippi the metal outbuilding along Tatum Road. The tornado touched down causing sporadic tree damage on a farm in northeast Spencer county.

Drone video showed a few snapped and twisted trees. The tornado then hit the Meadow Lake subdivision causing shingle, flashing, siding, and gutter damage at several homes. Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше chicken coop was destroyed, and trees fell mississippi tornado map 2022 the northeast through the maap direction.

There were even a mississippi tornado map 2022 small tree limbs that were driven into the ground. Wind speeds in this area were estimated to be 80 mph, and a width of 60 yards. A mississippi tornado map 2022 reported hearing a roaring sound, and were thankful for the early tornado warnings to seek shelter.

A small and narrow tornado touched down on the block of Plum Creek Road in far western Spencer County. The 30 yard wide tornado caused extensive roof damage.


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Organized severe thunderstorms are not expected today. Upper low over the northern Gulf of California is expected to move very little through the day1 period, though a slight drift toward the AZ border is possible late. Scattered convection has developed beneath this feature from northwestern Mexico into the southwestern US the last few days, and thunderstorms are expected again today, especially by mid-late afternoon. Latest model guidance suggest a weak disturbance will rotate across southwest NM into AZ later today, and this feature is currently evident in radar data about 90mi south of DMN.

Forecast soundings suggest ample buoyancy for lightning within deeper updrafts as lapse rates should be modestly steep, along with seasonally cool mid-level temperatures. Editorial Board. Latest Newscasts. Investigate TV. Gray DC Bureau. By Erin Thomas. Published: Mar. Share on Facebook. Email This Link. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn.

Most Read. Investigation continues into dog attack that left 2 children dead, mother injured. Latest News. Spencer’s Forecast. The first tornado of the day was rated high-end F1 and hit the village of Casekow in eastern Germany , snapping trees, destroying horse stables, and causing substantial roof damage to several residences in town.

Some large farm houses sustained considerable damage outside of Casekow as well. Pieces of wood were speared into the exterior wall of one structure in the village as well. An F2 tornado passed near Sucharzewo , causing significant damage to brick homes and outbuildings, including a brick cow shed that collapsed, killing a bull. Swaths of trees were mowed down in rural areas near Sucharzewo, and some debarking occurred.

In Krzykosy , an unrated tornado downed trees and damaged the roofs of several residences, including one that was completely unroofed. A duck farm near the village was significantly damaged, and several ducks were killed at that location. To the northeast of Kalisz , an F2 tornado inflicted severe roof damage to homes, destroyed outbuildings, damaged a soccer field, and scattered debris across fields and passed through or near multiple villages.

Another strong F2 tornado struck Dobrzyca , where multiple homes had their roofs and second-floor exterior walls ripped off, and streets were littered with debris. Power lines were downed, and large trees were snapped in a wooded area as well.

Homes had their roofs torn off, outbuildings were destroyed, debris was strewn across fields, and numerous trees were snapped in a forest. Farms sustained severe damage outside of town, metal truss transmission towers were blown over, and two semi-trucks were overturned, injuring one of the drivers. A brief tornado also produced F2 damage along the shore of Lake Powidzkie near Kosewo , snapping large trees, tossing boats, and damaging a residential building.

There were tornadoes confirmed in the United States in the month of March. This set a new monthly record for March, surpassing the previous record of tornadoes set in A tornado outbreak, spawned from a strong, negatively tilted shortwave trough , struck the Midwestern United States beginning on March 5, in particular the state of Iowa. Six people were killed by a violent, long-tracked EF4 tornado near Winterset that completely destroyed multiple homes, a few of which were leveled or swept away.

The tornado also caused severe damage as it impacted the outskirts of Norwalk and Pleasant Hill before dissipating near Newton , after nearly 70 mi km miles on the ground. The same tornado also downed numerous trees, and badly damaged or destroyed multiple homes and other structures along its path.

A strong EF2 tornado caused significant damage to trees, power poles, a baseball field, and a manufactured home as it clipped the outskirts of Allerton , while an EF1 tornado caused moderate damage in the town of Vinton. Near Garden Grove , outbuildings were destroyed, power poles were snapped, and a house had its roof torn off as a result of an EF2 tornado. Two other EF2 tornadoes caused damage to homes, trees, and outbuildings as they passed near the towns of Kellogg and Tama.

The storms then congealed into a squall line, producing damaging straight-line winds and isolated weak tornadoes eastward into Ohio before weakening and dissipating. Additional severe thunderstorms formed in Arkansas and Missouri the next day, with several tornadoes touching down. One intense long-tracked supercell moved from southeast Arkansas northeastward across the entire state, producing four tornadoes.

The strongest was a low-end EF2 tornado that struck Sage, Arkansas and injured six people, including one seriously.

Homes and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed in the Sage area, and many large trees were snapped or uprooted. Other severe storms formed that evening and produced more damaging winds and isolated weak tornadoes before weakening the next morning on March 7. One non-tornadic fatality occurred early that morning when semi truck carrying logs was blown over on U. A total of 32 tornadoes were confirmed, with seven tornadic fatalities, one non-tornadic fatality, and at least 12 injuries.

An EF1 tornado destroyed a mobile home, tore a section of roof off of a frame home, and snapped trees near Holt, Florida , while another EF1 tornado snapped numerous trees at the north edge of Eucheeanna. In Panama City, Florida , an EF2 tornado moved through residential areas of the city and damaged numerous homes, some of which had large portions of their roofs torn off or were shifted off their foundations. Many trees and power poles were snapped, sheds and carports were destroyed, and fences were blown over along the path as well.

Farther north, an EF1 tornado struck the town of Salem, Indiana , where homes and businesses sustained roof damage and trees were downed, while barns were damaged outside of town.

In Kentucky, an EF0 tornado moved through the small town of West Point , causing minor damage to homes and trees. An EF1 tornado inflicted major roof damage to a house and damaged barns near Rineyville as well. A total of eight tornadoes were confirmed.

A three-day tornado outbreak unfolded across the Southern and Eastern United States , beginning on March An EF3 tornado caused major damage to homes and school buildings in the city of Jacksboro, Texas , and destroyed some wind turbines and metal truss towers outside of town, injuring nine people. The same LP supercell produced an EF2 tornado in Sherwood Shores, Texas that caused major damage to homes, destroyed mobile homes, killed one person, and injured 11 others before crossing the state line and causing severe damage at the Buncombe Creek Marina near Kingston, Oklahoma.

Later that evening numerous additional strong tornadoes touched down across eastern Texas, including an EF2 tornado that killed one person and injured 10 others in and around Crockett , where multiple homes and a convenience store suffered major structural damage.

Another strong tornado produced high-end EF2 damage near Ore City , destroying homes and mobile homes and injuring 7 people. Numerous tornadoes reported in both states as well as Alabama , including an EF3 tornado struck rural Kemper County, Mississippi in the Damascus area, producing severe tree damage and destroying a couple of homes. Later that evening, a strong multiple-vortex EF3 tornado was broadcast live on television as it caused major damage in the New Orleans metropolitan area , with the most severe damage occurring in the inner suburb of Arabi.

Many homes were destroyed and vehicles were tossed in Arabi, where one person was killed, and two more were injured. A few weak EF0 tornadoes were confirmed as far north as Ohio. A total of 83 tornadoes occurred as a result of this outbreak, which resulted in three tornadic fatalities, three non-tornadic fatalities, and at least 67 injuries. Another significant tornado outbreak struck the Southern and Eastern United States at the end of March. The outbreak began on March 29, with two EF1 tornadoes, one of which caused considerable damage a home and a school in St.

Joseph, Missouri , and the other causing damage to outbuildings and farm equipment near Valley Falls, Kansas. Early that morning, an EF3 tornado in Springdale, Arkansas , caused extensive structural damage to homes, businesses, and a school and injured seven people. An EF2 tornado ripped much of the roof off of a school in Tallulah, Louisiana , while another EF2 tornado struck McLain, Mississippi , where it inflicted severe damage to an apartment building, destroyed chicken houses, and snapped or uprooted numerous large trees.

An EF1 tornado caused damage to trees and homes in and around Pope, Mississippi , and severely damaged a mobile home, resulting in a fatality. An EF3 tornado in Bibb and Shelby counties in Alabama injured two people, snapped and debarked countless trees in remote forested areas, and destroyed some RV campers at a hunting club.

It caused roof damage to dormitory buildings at the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama near the end of its damage path. Significant tornado activity continued into the early morning hours of March 31, and an EF3 tornado completely destroyed multiple homes and mobile homes near Alford, Florida , killing two people and injuring three others. A multiple-vortex EF2 tornado destroyed two barns and snapped hundreds of large trees in Wayne Township, Pennsylvania later that day, and another EF2 tornado severely damaged a house and a chicken farm near Norwood, North Carolina.

This outbreak produced a total of 90 tornadoes, which resulted in three fatalities and 11 injuries [41]. On April 4, an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms was issued from Texas to Mississippi. Scattered severe thunderstorms over Texas during the afternoon congealed into a severe squall line that moved east over the Southern United States.

Several tornadoes were confirmed around the Dallas—Fort Worth metroplex late on April 4, including an EF2 tornado that damaged multiple homes and injured one person near Egan. As the line progressed eastward, numerous tornadoes occurred across Mississippi, Alabama , Georgia , and South Carolina spawned by embedded circulations and supercell thunderstorms that formed within the squall line. A high-end EF3 tornado within the line significantly damaged or destroyed multiple homes and caused several minor injuries in Bonaire, Georgia.

A large low-end EF3 tornado prompted a tornado emergency for Allendale and Sycamore, South Carolina as it destroyed mobile homes and heavily damaged other buildings, trees, and power lines, injuring one person.

Numerous other tornadoes were confirmed elsewhere in South Carolina and in Georgia. One death and 12 injuries were confirmed after an EF4 tornado heavily damaged or destroyed several homes and other structures in Pembroke and Black Creek, Georgia.

Another high-end EF3 tornado knocked down a large swath of trees northeast of Ulmer, South Carolina and a low-end EF2 tornado caused heavy damage to homes, businesses, trees, and power lines in Manning, South Carolina. The outbreak began on April 11, when four EF1 tornadoes touched down across Arkansas , one of which prompted a tornado emergency for areas to the north of Little Rock.

Later that day, a strong EF2 tornado caused major damage to homes, destroyed barns and outbuildings, and injured one person near Gilmore City, Iowa. Another EF2 tornado caused significant damage to structures near Rutland. Additional tornadic storms formed in Texas , as well as Kansas as far north as southern Minnesota.

Multiple tornadoes were reported in Texas, including a destructive high-end EF3 tornado that caused severe damage near Florence and Salado. Twenty-three injuries occurred near Salado as several homes and two churches were destroyed, and severe damage to trees and vehicles occurred as well. Numerous tornadoes touched down that day, though most were weak. However, a large and long-tracked EF2 tornado passed south of Meridian, Mississippi and moved through the community of Clarkdale , where many trees, homes, and a school building sustained significant damage.

Another EF2 tornado caused severe tree damage near Sikes, Louisiana. Overall, this outbreak produced a total of 73 tornadoes, none of which resulted in any fatalities, though at least 28 injuries occurred.

The storm caused moderate damage to roofs of homes and buildings and injured several people. Later that evening, several tornadoes struck the central Great Plains , most of which were weak. This included an EF1 tornado near St. George, Kansas that caused roof damage to a house and an outbuilding, destroyed a windmill and a carport, flipped irrigation pivots, and snapped trees.

Another EF1 tornado passed near Herington , damaging the roofs of homes, destroying silos and outbuildings, and snapping trees in the town of Parkerville before dissipating. The most significant tornado of the event was a well-documented and destructive EF3 tornado that tore through Andover, Kansas , causing major structural damage to a YMCA branch, tossing vehicles, and destroying numerous homes.

An elementary school in an Andover was also damaged, a pet supplies shop was obliterated, and many trees were snapped or debarked. Three people were injured and buildings were damaged in and around Andover.

Farther north, a few weak tornadoes also touched down in Nebraska, and severe storms impacted Iowa and Missouri as well, where reports of hail and damaging straight-line winds were received. This included an EF0 tornado that damaged or destroyed machine sheds, and damaged a couple of houses near Perryville, Missouri.

A total of 25 tornadoes were confirmed as a result of this outbreak. Three indirect fatalities occurred as a result of the severe weather; three meteorology students from the University of Oklahoma were killed in a motor vehicle accident on Interstate 35 near Tonkawa, Oklahoma while returning from storm chasing late on April Their car hydroplaned off the road and was struck by another vehicle. A rare EF1 tornado was confirmed in the Victor Rojas community of Arecibo, Puerto Rico , as rotating severe thunderstorms moved through the area.

It downed power lines, damaged trees, and caused roof damage to a warehouse. A total of 26 homes were damaged. Multiple tornadic supercells formed that afternoon and evening, several tornadoes tore through the area, including a few that were strong. Numerous trees and power poles were snapped throughout the town, and several garages and older brick buildings were destroyed.

The same tornado also damaged a cannabis farm near the town of Maud , where multiple greenhouses and trailers were destroyed. An EF1 tornado damaged homes, power poles, and trees in Cromwell , while another EF2 tornado caused significant damage to homes, outbuildings, and trees along an unusual looping path as it clipped the east edge of Earlsboro.

Farther to the south, a large EF3 tornado touched down near Lockett, Texas , bending large metal power pylons to the ground in a rural area before striking the town, where metal buildings were destroyed, sheet metal was wrapped around trees, homes and other structures had their roofs torn off, and multiple vehicles were moved and damaged, including a storm chasing tour van that was blown off the road, resulting in a few minor injuries.

Damaging winds were expected to be the main hazards, but a few tornadoes were expected. Five tornadoes touched down that afternoon in Oklahoma , Texas , and Arkansas. This included an EF2 tornado that destroyed barns, shifted a house off its foundation, damaged mobile homes, and snapped numerous trees near Henderson, Texas , injuring one person. Another EF2 tornado touched down near Almyra, Arkansas , destroying a pole barn and toppling several metal truss transmission towers, one of which had a metal shipping container thrown into its base.

Several tornadoes touched down that afternoon, though all were weak. This included an EF1 tornado that snapped trees, destroyed outbuildings, damaged the Lake Cumberland Speedway, and rolled two manufactured homes near Bronston, Kentucky , injuring two people. In Mobile, Alabama , a high-end EF1 tornado destroyed a poorly-built Family Dollar store, and caused less severe damage to some other buildings and trees. An EF0 tornado touched down in Perry, Florida as well, peeling back the metal roof of a tavern in town and causing minor tree, fence, and house damage.

On May 9, a tornado moved through multiple villages in Lebak Regency in Indonesia, damaging 61 homes, some heavily. An Islamic boarding school was damaged in Cisamph Village as well. No serious injuries or fatalities occurred. Circulations embedded within and along the leading edge of the derecho produced numerous tornadoes, a few of which were strong. A strong EF2 rope tornado hit Castlewood , where homes sustained severe damage, a school building had much of its roof torn off, sheds and garages were destroyed, many trees and power poles were snapped, and one person was injured.

Another EF2 tornado destroyed outbuildings and inflicted significant damage to a dairy farm near Estelline , while an EF1 tornado damaged homes, trees, and a baseball field in Madison, Minnesota.

Another EF2 tornado caused damage to metal buildings and impacted Verndale and Blue Grass , where numerous trees and power poles were snapped, some of which landed on homes and vehicles. A high-end EF1 tornado also touched down in Alexandria , where many trees were downed and homes sustained varying degrees of roof damage, a couple of which suffered partial to total roof loss.

Overall, a total of 27 tornadoes were confirmed. On 14 May, a brief tornado was confirmed by local office in Wuchang, Heilongjiang Province, causing minor damage including some roofs being lifted.

No injuries or fatalities occurred. On May 19, a long-tracked EF2 tornado touched down near Keensburg, Illinois before moving across the southeast side of Mount Carmel , then crossing into Indiana and striking Decker. Countless large trees were snapped or uprooted along the path, many or which landed on structures, and power poles were also snapped. Barns were destroyed and pivot irrigation sprinklers were flipped in rural areas, and the tornado ended up crossing the White River seven times before dissipating.

An EF1 tornado downed trees in and around Greenville, Illinois , destroying barns and damaging a few homes in areas outside of town as well. A few weak EF0 tornadoes also touched down in parts of the St.

Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, causing minor tree damage. Many homes and businesses in Gaylord were severely damaged or destroyed, cars were tossed in parking lots, and RVs were thrown and demolished at a dealership. The two fatalities occurred at a mobile home park in town, where multiple mobile homes were completely destroyed.

The London , Ottawa , Toronto , Montreal , and Quebec City metro areas all sustained significant impacts from the derecho, along with many other smaller cities and towns. The intense winds toppled many trees and power lines, damaged buildings, shattered windows, and caused massive power outages. The other EF1 tornado struck the Wilton Grove neighborhood, badly damaging a warehouse, bending a power pole, and downing trees.

Other apartment buildings, homes, and a church in town had large portions of their roofs ripped off, a train station was damaged, and many power lines were also downed.

Overall, a total of 24 tornadoes occurred. The severe weather resulted in two tornado-related fatalities, and an 11 additional fatalities from the derecho. Numerous injuries also occurred. A small tornado outbreak produced several tornadoes in multiple countries in Europe on May 20, including three strong F2 tornadoes that caused significant damage and numerous injuries in Germany. In Russia , a brief F0 tornado caused minor roof damage in Ilovlya.

In Germany, one long-tracked supercell produced at least four tornadoes. The first was a strong F2 wedge tornado which touched down to the west of Lippstadt in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia , first causing damage in the villages of Eickelborn and Benninghausen , where two medical clinic buildings were partially unroofed, a supermarket sustained roof damage, and trees were downed.

Continuing to the east, the tornado reached peak intensity as it moved through a rural area, where a brick farm home had much of its roofing removed, and a large and well-built brick farm building had its roof structure torn of off, also sustaining collapse of the upper portions of its exterior walls.

A smaller outbuilding was completely destroyed, and many large trees were snapped and uprooted. A large masonry-construction church had its steeple torn off in this area as well. Continuing directly into Lippstadt, the tornado weakened, but caused roof damage to many homes, businesses, and a school, and downed numerous trees in the city before dissipating.

Some large trees landed on vehicles and buildings, causing considerable damage. The Lippstadt tornado had a path length of Homes, churches, schools, businesses, and apartment buildings in the city sustained partial to total roof loss, including an apartment building that was unroofed and sustained partial failure of its top-floor exterior walls.

An office building was also unroofed, warehouses were heavily damaged, and a large furniture store and a used car business were significantly damaged and had much of their roofs ripped off. Metal light poles were bent to the ground, while cars, trucks, and vehicle trailers were tossed and severely damaged, and other vehicles were damaged by flying debris. Numerous large trees were snapped or uprooted in Paderborn, and streets were left strewn with debris.

The Paderborn tornado injured 43 people along its Many homes sustained heavy roof damage, a soccer field was damaged, and a large industrial building had its roof blown off. Trees were snapped, and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed in rural areas as well. The strong tornado then struck Merxhausen, where a large house and a masonry building had their roof structures completely destroyed, and a small summer home was also destroyed.

Multiple other homes and buildings in town suffered major roof damage, including a few that had significant portions of their roofs torn off. The Merxhausen tornado remained on the ground for A total of 9 tornadoes were confirmed as a result of this outbreak, which resulted in 46 injuries. On May 26, scattered tornadoes occurred in various states across the Eastern United States , most of which were weak. However, a low-end EF2 tornado snapped or uprooted numerous trees near Union Grove, North Carolina , and caused roof damage to a few structures.

An EF1 tornado near Greenup, Kentucky tore a section of roof off a house, and destroyed its adjacent garage. Additional tornadoes touched down along the East Coast the following day, including a high-end EF2 tornado that caused significant damage near Norwood, Virginia , in Bedford County , destroying a site-built house, two mobile homes, and several outbuildings. Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted by the tornado, and two people were injured.

An EF1 tornado touched down in Kirkwood, Pennsylvania and moved into rural areas outside of town, damaging a house, destroying barns and outbuildings, downing trees, and injuring three people. Another EF1 tornado struck areas in and around Charlotte Hall, Maryland and downed dozens of trees, including some that landed on and caused damage to two homes.

A total of 20 tornadoes were confirmed, along with at least five injuries. Severe storms were also possible in parts of Kansas , Nebraska , Iowa , and Wisconsin.


March Tornado Outbreak

(WJTV) – Storm Team 12 reported a tornado crossed through southwest Jackson Local Mississippi Breaking News Story from CBS 12 New WJTV. Monroe County MS Tornado Track (March 22, )(WMC). The tornado then moved northeast and weakened producing additional tree damage on. Click here to explore the National Weather Service damage survey map. Remember to adjust the date range in the top right corner of the map as needed.


– Mississippi tornado map 2022

This page documents notable tornadoes and tornado outbreaks worldwide in Mississippi and much of Alabama, including a 5% risk of tornadoes. Click here to explore the National Weather Service damage survey map. Remember to adjust the date range in the top right corner of the map as needed. Monroe County MS Tornado Track (March 22, )(WMC). The tornado then moved northeast and weakened producing additional tree damage on.