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Sorry about that. No information on here even close to my location. Maine is full of interest8ng places. I have been playingvaround withe app. Hi Doris! I’m a student and the app is an end-of-year project.

It works thanks to the users, the information is provided by them. More users, more places. Thank you very much! There are ads surrounding the app, which is no big deal, can be ignored. However, any time you click on a location, a 30 second ad pops up. Every single time. With a little reduction on the ads, and a little more improvements on capabilities, this could be a staple on my app collection.

This app kept me busy for about a month until I read all the locations but they were so thrilling, I had to download it again and ever since I read some ofthem ie been hounding my mom to take me!

There are quite a few ads, mostly surrounding the app, but it’s so easy to use! Thanks for your review! Glad you enjoyed it. More locations will be added in the future. Absoulty hate the demon haunting’s. Description People roamed around the world to find something exciting or something unusual. Jun 1, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Information Seller Next Apps. Size Category Entertainment. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS 8. Mac Requires macOS Languages English. Price Free. App Support.

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Haunted Places — Find a Ghost Near You.Best Apps to Find & Visit Haunted Places Across the US – Top Coupons & Promo Codes for Apps


Every haunted place on earth has a frightening, real backstory. Every Thursday, we take you on an audio tour of a new haunted place, and its haunted history! Subscribe for free on Spotify to listen our Urban Legends bonus series every Tuesday.

Haunted Places is a Spotify Original from Parcast. This French baroque house in Beijing has been many things: a colonial officer’s house, a missionary school, and a general’s residence. Every iteration has left its mark, leaving neighbors to claim it’s haunted. Learn more about your ad choices.

Imagine living with a secret so big, if anyone were to find out, it would change everything. From love affairs and fake identities to heists and murder — do you think you could take a secret like that to the A decade after its completion, the financiers who built it went broke and were forced to move out.

But people say This uninhabited island off the coast of Thailand may look like a secluded paradise. But with century-old graveyards and a history of malaria outbreaks, hundreds of people call this island home — just none of them are living.

Learn more In downtown Milwaukee, the Pfister Hotel is an elegant time capsule from the Victorian era. Going back to , it’s been the site of religious persecution and a battle between freedom and oppression. Fallen souls from that struggle still haunt In Fayetteville, Arkansas, locals speak of a secret mountain hidden in the Ozarks. The souls of Ghost Mountain’s isolated residents are still said to haunt the area today.

Visit podcastchoices. A romantic restaurant in a trendy NYC neighborhood occupies a building with a storied history. Its walls may still be The first episode takes you to Mexico and the true story of Juana Barraza — a pro wrestler who became a serial In the hills near Athens, Greece is a labyrinth of tunnels called Davelis Caves.

Over the millennia, it has been used by shadowy religious groups, cults, and even by top secret government projects. Some say the ancient grotto has powerful Revisit ten of the worst fathers in true crime history in this special collection from Parcast Network.

From the father who turned his son into a spy, to the dad whose long business trips turned out to be mafia hits, Some of them never left. A New York home was the site of a brutal family murder in When a new family moved in less than a year later, they lasted just weeks before being driven out by bizarre and horrifying events.

The house In , a family in Connecticut encountered a demon while checking out a rental home. A single mother and her four children are plagued by paranormal activity at their house in Enfield, England. The haunting becomes The original film of The Conjuring franchise was inspired by a centuries-old Rhode Island property.

Built in , the Old Arnold Estate was allegedly once the home of a satanic witch. When the Perron family moved into the home in Wayne Simmons had a dramatic year career with the CIA taking down cartels and busting arms smugglers — or did he? The ex-CIA military analyst and cable news star stands accused of being a fraud. Hosted by the reporter who In 16th-century England, the Black Monk House was a seat of power, a magnet for intrigue, and the tragic scene of terrible bloodshed which reverberated through the ages.

In , a category 4 hurricane reached the shores of Galveston, Texas and swept through the city, killing thousands. A decade later, Hotel Galvez opened its doors, offering a grand seaside stay to vacationing visitors… and to souls who never Meet the hosts and hear their debut episode on A 19th-century Australian jail was notorious for its poor living conditions and roughly deaths, including 42 hangings.

A Craftsman-style home in Spokane, Washington has attracted misery and misfortune ever since it was first built in This graveyard is home to one of Chicago’s most famous ghosts, Resurrection Mary.

Supposedly, she’s been around since the s, when she died en route to a dance hall. And since then, it seems she hasn’t stopped dancing at all. This 11th-century fortress was built on a pre-Roman spiritual site, which might explain the strange sounds many hear through its walls.

It was also once home to a young girl nicknamed Azzurrina. According to legend, she disappeared from the cellar But she’s more than just a ghost throwing nuts at passersby. In Belize, the ruins of Xunantunich were once a prosperous Mayan city. After the Mayan civilization mysteriously collapsed, the city became home to the legendary Stone Woman — a ghost who may just hold the key to understanding what happened Listen to Famous for the cry “Remember the Alamo!

Yet there’s something else lurking in the Alamo’s walls — something that made even the soldiers afraid. Once an institution for the mentally and physically disabled, Pennhurst Asylum has been shut down for over twenty years.

But that doesn’t mean that some of its most notorious residents aren’t still there today… Learn more about your ad choices. The Chicago Water Tower was one of the few structures in the city to survive the great fire of But the original building isn’t the only reminder that remains of that harrowing evening… Learn more about your ad choices.

While today’s Mackinac Island might conjure up images of bicycles and ice cream shops, it was once the site of vicious battles between French, American, and British armies — so when you step off the ferry, be wary of the Follow the misdeeds of married mafiosos. Enter the transgressions of casanova cult leaders. The most haunted place in Sweden lies isolated in the countryside. It’s an old priest’s house, but there’s more than just the spirit of God walking through its walls… Learn more about your ad choices.

Built in and operational for nearly years, the Old City Jail in Charleston, South Carolina saw the deaths of over fourteen thousand people — and some of them, like ten-year-old Alonzo Small, are thought to still inhabit the In the winter of , a group of pioneers became trapped in a prison of ice, forced to perform unspeakable acts to survive.

Now, the Donner Party is memorialized in Truckee, California. Its hallowed halls have seen generations of brilliant minds dedicated to their work — and it seems some of them But after decades of relentless self-enrichment, how can Ebenezer Scrooge truly redeem himself? Nearly two centuries ago, Charles Dickens wrote a tale of greed and redemption. It starts with a miserly old man, his long-dead business partner, and the sound of rattling chains… When Ebenezer Scrooge is forced to reckon with his past, Deep in the Alaskan wilderness is a harrowing dog-sled course.

But it’s also known for its spirits, and this doesn’t just mean beverages. You know you can find love in a bar… on an app… Why not a podcast? Every week on Blind Dating, one hopeful single is introduced to two potential matches in a virtual hangout — no cameras allowed. This week, This cave system in England was once the site of a secret club for London’s elite. But if you visit today, you’ll find more than just stories of old rituals and debaucherous evenings.

You might catch a glimpse of a If you enjoy it, check out Mythology on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! A historic residence in Salem, Massachusetts has a particularly witchy history: it sits atop the foundation of the home of George Corwin — the sheriff responsible for arrests and executions during the Salem Witch Trials. Learn more about your ad An mile stretch of highway between two suburbs in Denver, Colorado is desolate and lonely during the day.

But at night, it comes alive with ghosts and demons. Afraid his mother, Catherine the Great, would have him assassinated, Russian Emperor Paul I built a fortress to protect himself. But after a shocking betrayal, death entered the castle… and with it, spectral soldiers, swirling fog, and a blue-eyed man Podcast App.

All podcasts. Haunted Places By Parcast Network. What’s Haunted Places about? Download our free app to listen on your phone. Haunted Places episodes: Older episodes.


11 Ghost Hunting Apps to Take Your Halloween Travels to the Next Level | TravelPulse.

I guess this app worked use it if you want to be scared. Community Some of the true gems of Northwest Arkansas are hidden from plain sight. It seems once your in the map, the only way to get out is to close the whole app.


App for haunted places. 13 Ghost-Hunting Apps That Claim To Find Paranormal Activity

Haunted Maps 17+ Description. Want to do your own paranormal investigations? Get the new haunted locations app and find the haunted areas around you! Ghost Hunter by Dave Helmig: · GhostZone: · Haunted Places USA: · Haunted Travels USA: · Paranormal Field Guide: · Unofficial Ghost Hunters Guide.