Rockingham County steps out of the crowd as a trophy deer hot spot in North Carolina.

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Are there big deer in north carolina – are there big deer in north carolina
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Subscribe Now Log In. Jason Allen, a wildlife biologist for the N. You have to have some old deer to have some of that quality. InBilly Rogers killed a deer that is No.

InRockingham County hunters reported tbere 1, deer. The harvest in dropped to 1, before beginning a slow, ade rise to the 3, deer taken in During that time, however, the percentage of antlered bucks in the harvest fell from 58 percent to 39 percent.

Cox did are there big deer in north carolina – are there big deer in north carolina that a short-term bump in the number of big bucks being taken may have had something to do with a major highway project — the widening of US from three lanes to four over a 7-mile stretch in southeastern Stokes County and western Rockingham County. Tuttle had two more ideas about why norty home county is spitting out so many big bucks, one related to habitat and another to predation.

There have been are there big deer in north carolina – are there big deer in north carolina lot of big stands that have been timbered. Allen, however, comes back to the single, most-important factor in growing big bucks: letting little bucks live. You can kill some nice deer that way, but not those big, old, heavy horned bucks. Allen credits hunters being more educated and having more educational materials at their fingertips.

Become the most informed Sportsman you know, with a membership to the Carolina Sportsman Magazine and CarolinaSportsman. Zack Porterfield of Roxboro, N. David Lambert of Clinton, N. You must be logged in to post a comment. October ars, Who knows? Zach Satterfield killed this great Rockingham County buck last fall during blackpowder season. It was just one of many trophies killed in the northern Piedmont county last season.

Sign Up Now. North Central NC November trophy deer. Next Little River ditch diggers — Testing. Bag a Buck. About Dan Kibler Articles. Dan Kibler is the former managing editor of Carolina Sportsman Magazine. His writing and photography skills have earned him numerous awards throughout читать career. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Copyright – Carolina Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved.


Is There Anything Deer Will Not Eat? | North Carolina Cooperative Extension.Deer Hunting in North Carolina


Additionally, the timing of black-powder and gun harvest relative to the timing of the peak rut continues to be an area where improvements are needed across the state, most notably in western North Carolina. Interested in a stud Tar Heel State buck? Certain counties have better reputations than others.

Still, the best bet to take a trophy is in the northern Piedmont area of the state. Shaw notes an urban archery season and obtaining permission from landowners within participating municipalities can produce solid opportunities at herds with older age structures. If public is your poison, though, best use available resources.

Bag a Buck. About Jeff Burleson Articles. Jeff Burleson is a native of Lumberton, N. He graduated from N. State University with a degree in fisheries and wildlife sciences and is a certified biologist and professional forester for Southern Palmetto Environmental Consulting. With most does already bred, and most bucks exhausted from chasing does, Vincent Clark climbed into a shooting house in Avery County, North Carolina.

It was a cold day and Clark was huddled in the blind overlooking a small food plot on private land surrounded by mountains accessible to public hunting. About 5 p. Clark opened a window of his blind, brought up his 7mm Magnum Remington bolt-action rifle, steadied his aim, and fired.

Moments later, Clark squeezed the trigger on his 7mm Magnum rifle, and the biggest buck taken in North Carolina during the season was on the ground. The buck has huge brow tines, including one on the right antler that is heavily palmated, and both brow tines feature two sticker points. You could fit them inside these antlers. The current study expounds on another conducted in with 10, hunters.

Officials hope to reach over , this time Deer-food tax on hunters ousted at N. Deer and Elk Farmers Association Hiking, hunting has minor effects on mammals in protected eastern forests June 7, North Carolina, Science Daily. The most-hunted species in the study — white-tailed deer, raccoons, eastern grey squirrels and fox squirrels, which are common throughout the region — were detected less often at sites where hunting was allowed.

Coyotes, in contrast, frequented hunting areas more often than nonhunting sites, and they did not steer clear of hiking areas N orth Carolina data : An estimated 1,, deer in early , about a million estimated in early , , and The population remained steady in to at about 1 million. The increased deer kill for was in part s a result of the pandemic with more hunters in the field.

Hunting data indicates in increase into , a decline in , and recovery for Changes in hunting rules contributed to the decline. Hurricane Florence reduced deer populations in some areas in The population trend has been lower populations in the east, higher in the west , stable in other areas. The hunt, down 7. Declines were reported across the state. Lower populations in the east.

An EHD outbreak in reduced deer populations in some areas by as much as 30 percent to about one million. The deer hunt fell by Contributing to the hunt decline was a near record acorns crop so deer did not need to wander far to find food.

Another significant outbreak of EHD in , but populations bounced back into resulting in a record harvest of , The EHD outbreak was worst in the southeast and midwest of the state. Some areas lost up to 70 percent of the deer.

With the deer density at less than 15 per square mile from Buncombe County west, deer would benefit from more wildlife habitat in the Pisgah and Nantahala forests. The previous record deer harvest was in at , Does were The number of deer hunters was steady since at about , active hunters.

A population estimate of 1,, in and , in Chronic Wasting Disease. The state announced in March, , the first deer with CWD discovered, killed in northern Yadkin County during the hung in December A second case in August.

As of the season, no chronic disease had been detected in the state. A case in Virginia, 33 miles from the state line, discovered in Hemorrhagic Disease reported in 39 counties in Graph of Deer Harvest from to History Between and southeastern tribes were shipping about 54, deer skins annually as part of the deer skin trade.

The deer were nearly extirpated from the state in to The deer population was about 10, around the year In there were no deer east of Asheville or west of Moore County. An estimate of 6 in the state in Restocking began in and deer recovered, also through conservation efforts to , by , and reaching about 1. Predation by bears and coyotes and the reduction of edge habitat in the Qualla Boundary have prevented the deer from recovering as they have in some other parts of the Southeast.

Population Estimates: 50, in , , in Elk : About in and ; in Elk once thrived in the region, but overhunting and habitat loss in the to early s decimated the population.

Elk herds were introduced to the Cataloochee area of the Smokies in and In , 25 elk were introduced with another 27 in An estimated population of in Red Wolf : The world’s only population of red wolves reside in North Carolina. Thought to have a population of 75 to in early Down to 50 to 75 or less in Eight red wolves were released into a wildlife refuge in with the population thought to be under Cougar: Once native to the state, the eastern cougar was officially declared extinct in but probably extinct before By , the Eastern cougar was extirpated throughout North Carolina.

Coyote : No coyotes migrated into the state until Estimated at 51, animals in a 29 percent increase over ,. Other useful links:. Search this site. September 8, North Carolina, Charlotte Observer Deer found seriously hurt in south Charlotte neighborhood expected to recover September 6, North Carolina, The Charlotte Observer Increased monitoring for chronic wasting disease in full swing September 29, The Richmond Observer Airy News Data No chronic wasting disease detected in N.

Deer pinned in log-jammed creek pulled to safety by NC firefighters in unusual rescue November 19, North Carolina, Charlotte Observer Deer and elk safe from chronic wasting disease for now April 25, North Carolina, The Mountaineer Wildlife Resources Commision December 11, North Carolina, Charlotte Observer


North Carolina Deer Season Dates and Info.North Carolina Hunter Tags Massive Mountain Buck | Outdoor Life

Affectionately called “Baby Girl” the favorite deer has been visiting Allen’s home ever since it was an orphan fawn Restocking began in and deer recovered, also through conservation efforts to , by , and reaching about 1. Officer Cruise was able to cut some limbs to free her!.. A second case in August. North Carolina has over two million acres of public game land available The number of deer feeding complaints in cotton has risen sharply in the last five years; however, these cases are relatively isolated to fields that regularly encounter noticeably high numbers of deer and fields in close proximity to preferred bedding habitat The reason for the bill begins with an extremely contagious illness called Chronic Wasting Disease


Are there big deer in north carolina – are there big deer in north carolina –


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What region in north Carolina has the biggest deer not just horns but overall? Thread starter zjohn14 Start date Oct 6, Wanted to hear what everyone thought about this topic. It got brought up tonight while a doe was being skinned. Mostly everyone said the mountain region of nc has biggest body deer out of the whole state. I would stay away from dog counties if you looking for heavy deer.

They tend to get plenty of exercise. Real good friend of mine killed one that was lbs here in the late 90s, but I would think the Midwest would hold most of your heavier deer. They have the biggest antlers and with big antlers comes healthy big deer. I think the northern Piedmont has the heaviest deer I read some data on this several years ago, collected by the WRC. Seemed like I remember Yadkin county having a very high average deer weight, according to what they collected.

Here is an article that includes some info from several years ago. District 7 had significantly higher body weights, for the bucks shot , than those throughout the rest of the state. Of course those stats can be biased by the age of bucks shot within that district. Last edited: Oct 7, NW Mountain region.

Ashe, Alleghany, Wilkes, Watauga, etc. Doc Twelve Pointer. I think that a mature watauga county buck will most likely weight or more pounds.

That’s based off my college years in Boone. I attributed it to adaptations of the deer, since they had to survive a harsh winter.

Northern piedmont. Rockingham, Stokes, Person, Caswell and Granville county. Big Horns and Big body deer. BUT, I have to say I’ve seen some big bodied deer around the house the last few years. The place I hunt Rutherford County seems to have some smaller bodied deer for some reason. I’m thinking they were imported from different regions. Last edited: Oct 11, They all will with proper nutrition and years. Click to expand The Biltmore Estate. Ldsoldier Old Mossy Horns.

Last edited: Oct 13, Mack in N. Old Mossy Horns. Ldsoldier said:. I’m sure it has something to do with the ag industry there. Got 3 deer over there. Duckmauler dhc Twelve Pointer. Have shot 2 over in davidson. Also Stokes and Surry has some big bodied deer. Avery county highest county east of Mississippi it’s already snowed here I took a 3yr old 8p weighed after gutting it last November. That’s a live weight of around lbs The mtns produce some very big deer however the biggest of biggest bucks are prob never seen by human eyes you gotta understand how steep, thick, an knurly it is up here there are many places I can’t reach even on foot it’s use less.

Every yr I’m after a big buck an every yr I get out smarter unless I get lucky but I was after a big 6 by 6 an this deer stayed beded on top the thickest steepest ridge over 5, ft in elevation an he could hear anything coming a mile away.

Not even talking about places no man has ever step ft on before. Some biggest deer in the state die of old age imo. The deer up north have to have a lot of body fat to survive winters an I can promise I’ve lived across the state an it is a different type of cold in Avery c county or boone mt Mitchell.

Mtns above 4,ft sea level have already seen snow this yr an it’s 20 degree colder here yr around compared to any where else. I’m 6’2 an you can see the deer I shot cpl yr ago weighed that easily.

An was estimated to be 3. I know Wilkes county produces Big horns and big body deer too , but I have yet to see any BIG horns coming from those other mountain counties. Consistently speaking every year SharpShooter Ten Pointer. We’ve killed two bucks this year the grossed and live weight in Wayne county.

They were both 4. BS without pics so some on here would say I think almost any county west of the atlantic ocean can produce pound deer with the right age and groceries.

Those northern piedmont counties seem to produce more of them is all. From my experience. Holy hell I’m so pumped the deer I’ve been after past 2yrs just showed up on one my cams he is a 4.

Eight Pointer. Got this one last year and it weighed pounds after gutting it guilford county. Last edited: Nov 21, You must log in or register to reply here.