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What is the top high school in nyc
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Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, N.Y., ranked as the state’s best school and No. 12 in the U.S. overall. The NYC school boasts a. The top ranked public schools in New York, NY are Fiorello H Laguardia High School, Stuyvesant High School and High School For Health Professions & Human. Brooklyn Technical High School.

What is the top high school in nyc –

Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies. Queens High School for the Sciences at York College.


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Thanks for contacting us. We’ve received your submission. Admission to these selective schools is not based on entrance exams like the SHSAT, but mostly on middle-school grades, state exam scores, attendance and punctuality. Some give priority to continuing 8th graders or to certain residents. This highly desired Flushing school appeals to motivated high-achievers from all five boroughs.

In , 5, applied for freshman seats. With an emphasis on the classics, all students take two years of Greek or Latin. The rich curriculum seeks to instill a mastery of the humanities and an appreciation of nature, the arts, math and science. All classes are honors, AP or college level. Offers career and technical education courses in engineering, law, scientific research and audiovisual technology. Seniors earn tuition-free credits at Queens College and have access to the campus gym, library and cafeteria.

The school buzzes with more than 25 clubs, 32 sports teams, and several academic societies. The Steel Hawks robotics team has won awards at world championship events, and the school took top honors in the NYC Science Olympiad in and Kids take two trips abroad each year. Coveted Upper East Side school prizes community service along with academics. Its freshman seats attracted 5, applications in Offers 11 AP classes, a college English class in partnership with St.

Science and math are required all four years. Joining professional architects and engineers, students collect hundreds of cans of food, use them to build giant art pieces, then donate them to a food pantry. The ElRo Sibs peer leadership program pairs seniors with ninth- and 10th-graders for mentoring.

There are 30 clubs and 16 PSAL sports, including a new indoor track team. The renovated music room added square feet of instructional space in Students must submit a special request for testing, and competition for freshman seats is fierce — last year, 3, students applied.

Electives include digital storytelling, mythology and gymnastics; language courses are offered in Mandarin, Latin, Spanish, Italian and French. The school has many clubs, including robotics and chess, and sports like fencing and track, plus science and arts internship opportunities at local universities. Admission : Priority to continuing 8th graders; grades ; state exams: Levels 3.

With a laid-back feel yet ambitious mission, this Astoria school steers students toward the prestigious International Baccalaureate degree in a light-filled building that was once a pocketbook factory. Juniors and seniors take IB exams for college credits in experimental sciences, math, foreign language Mandarin, Spanish or French , world literature, history and art.

Admission : Priority to continuing 8th graders; grades, state exams, attendance Enrollment : 1, Graduation rate : This academically accelerated school on the Rockaway peninsula offers an ambitious curriculum and cutting-edge tech to prepare students for 21st-century careers.

In the upper grades, they can earn up to 20 college credits through a partnership with St. Francis College in Brooklyn. Exceptional drama club, marching and concert bands and visual arts.

It shares a building with four other high schools, which combined offer 14 PSAL sports teams including badminton and volleyball.

Students are exempt from almost all state Regents tests, and demonstrate achievement in portfolios of their work. Free college classes at schools including Fordham and NYU are offered. The facility boasts multiple music and art rooms, film and photography studios, and a large gym for its 17 PSAL teams. This diverse school with a science and engineering focus is affiliated with nearby Columbia University, where juniors and seniors can take courses for free.

The curriculum aims to immerse students in math and science. Philosophy and engineering courses are required; electives are offered in subjects like web design and genetics. The building lacks a library, but new investments in science labs brought up-to-date equipment.

Activities include organic gardening and moot court. Small, demanding Financial District school offers a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum in seminar-style classes that encourage discussion. Thesis papers required in grades 10, 11 and Instrumental and vocal music electives. It offers five AP classes, plus credit-bearing courses from Baruch College. The Senior Exit Project has students defend their work before a panel of educators.

Sports, clubs and activities include the new InvenTeam, which took STEM students to the White House science fair to demonstrate a robot vacuum for the subway system. Admission : Priority to District 2; grades ; state exams: Levels 2.

Four APs are offered, as are three languages. New clubs include the outreach-oriented Red Cross Club. A renovated gym hosts several sports and a dance team. Pretty waterfront campus overlooking Sheepshead Bay emphasizes STEM courses while supporting strong English, art and music programs in a college-prep curriculum.

Four years of math and science for all, including calculus and physics, and three years of either Spanish or Italian; electives include drama, psychology, and marine biology. It offers demanding but supportive academics, with 15 AP courses beginning in ninth grade. Students take four years of lab-based science and compile five elaborate performance-based portfolios that they must defend before graduating.

Sophomores and juniors take college trips. Clubs, basketball and softball round out the sports offerings. Admission : Priority to continuing 8th graders; grades ; state exams: Levels 2. Students chosen for diversity and small class sizes make this school exceptional. An expanding arts program offers music and drama courses.

Internships are expected in 11th and 12th grades. Admission : Zoned; for screened programs, grades ; state exams: Levels 3. Spirited — but overcrowded — school combines a zoned program with competitive screened humanities and medical science institutes. With 16 APs, top students do independent research at nearby Brooklyn College. More than 60 clubs include gospel choir, cycling and 4-H.

Two dozen sports include PSAL cricket and lacrosse. This popular Chelsea school uses a collaborative model of group learning. An expanded STEM program offers a new four-year sequence in computer science, leading to an AP course in the subject, as well as robotics.

Electives include jazz and modern band, creative writing, and math modeling. Admission : Priority to Bronx; school visit Enrollment : Graduation rate : Small, unscreened school in Claremont Village achieves excellent results with a supportive, rigorous academic program and summer enrichment. New STEM initiatives, including a Mac lab and added computer science programs, opens coding instruction to all students.

The school has a strong college office and free in-school SAT prep; grads get mentoring to support them in college. Students get individual attention at this East Harlem school with small, personalized writing classes and four years of both math and science. A rigorous college prep program includes free SAT courses for 11th graders. Most students take advantage of the 11 AP courses.

Extracurriculars include robotics, astronomy and salsa clubs, and sports like bowling and volleyball. A dedicated college office organizes campus trips. Admission : Female students only, priority to continuing 8th graders; grades ; state exams: Levels 2. Enrichment includes theater trips and science fieldwork. Community service at local food pantries and homeless shelters is expected.

This large Bayside school surrounded by fields and a full-size track for its 33 team sports has a suburban feel but a diverse student body. It offers a prestigious, and selective, science institute and performing dance program, plus four years of science, math, language, College Now and 15 AP courses. Admission : Priority to Brooklyn; grades ; state exams: Levels 2.

Clubs, like mock trial and robotics, exist alongside plus sports, including swimming, table tennis and ultimate Frisbee. Admission : Priority to Queens; for screened programs, grades ; state exams: Levels 3. Huge, and hugely popular, Fresh Meadows school attracted more applications than any other city high school last year: 9, for 1, seats. Kids cram in for top academics — like 10 languages including American Sign, 15 AP courses and selective programs in science research, math and humanities.

Scores of clubs, 30 team sports, top-notch music and theater round it out. Admission : Priority to Queens; for screened program, grades ; state exams: Levels 2. A four-year program in American history, literature and culture is the curriculum centerpiece, with added courses in opera, business and journalism. Students explore historical sites within and beyond NYC for hands-on research. There are 10 APs, plus 12 College Now courses.

Kids flock to Improvisational Theatre Club and community-service projects. Admission : Priority to District 13; grades ; state exams: Levels 2.

Intimate school provides extensive academic and social supports. Students choose a major — pre-engineering, pre-med, pre-law, pre-education or liberal arts — for a college-like experience.

Four years of science and math are required for all, and everyone participates in the Hospital Experience Program alongside medical professionals.


– What is the top high school in nyc


Classes focus on critical thinking and high-level analysis across disciplines. Students can combine their academic and extracurricular interests in a required final project or paper. In one recent year, a group of students learned to crochet, so they could produce cozy handmade scarves for the homeless clients of the Bowery Mission. This Long Island City school draws academically driven students eager to power through the state-required high school curriculum, so that they can dig into college-level material.

Just like its sister Bard HS in Manhattan, Bard Queens is founded on the idea that many students can handle post-secondary work at age Juniors and seniors conduct independent research and take 60 credits worth of college classes in conjunction with Bard College, graduating with both a high school diploma and a tuition-free Bard associate degree. Bard Queens occupies two floors of a converted office building next door to LaGuardia Community College, with amenities such as a theater, dance rooms, multiple study areas and an art studio.

Beacon, one of 38 New York high schools that uses performance-based assessments rather than state Regents exams to gauge achievement, prioritizes student choice along with high academic standards. Twenty Public Schools Athletic League PSAL teams make use of the spacious gym, and 95 clubs cover an endless list of sometimes quirky interests: Bollywood, Tarot cards, 3-D printing, underwater robotics and more.

Engineering, math and science are the primary focus at this grade 6-through school in Morningside Heights, which occupies the top three floors of an elementary-school building on the fringe of the Columbia University campus.

A partnership with Columbia gives some exceptional students cost-free access to credit-bearing Ivy League classes. The school takes pride in its singular Philosophy for Thinking program, designed to help kids develop moral reasoning and ethical decision-making skills. Sports include interesting choices like rock climbing and weightlifting. Its warm atmosphere and small size means plenty of encouragement for students as they tackle a challenging college-prep curriculum that offers 14 AP courses and a range of electives, like robotics and digital photography.

Intense, demanding program produces graduates fluent in both English and Chinese, no matter which one they grew up speaking. Everyone gets a double language period daily, with native English speakers instructed in Mandarin, and vice versa — English language learners make up about 20 percent of the student body. By junior year, all students are proficient enough to take classes together. This school boasts a rigorous, STEM-centered curriculum with a waterfront view. Students brave lengthy commutes to reach it on the Kingsborough Community College campus in Manhattan Beach, where they have their pick of 18 AP courses and top-notch tech electives like forensic science, microbiology and environmental science.

Its wide range of humanities and arts courses include jazz band, ceramics, painting and filmmaking, with dedicated studios designed for these and other artistic disciplines.

Along with 40 hours of required community service each year, kids are kept busy with 62 clubs — including one devoted to dystopian books and movies — and 15 PSAL sports teams. All rights reserved. Diagnostics d retrieved from Redis in milliseconds. We will let you know as soon as we update the rankings. Thanks for using SchoolDigger. Comments optional : Your Email:. An Email has been sent to. Sachem High School North. Lake Ronkonkoma. Suffolk County.

Sachem Central School District. Oyster Bay High School. Babylon Junior-Senior High School. Babylon Union Free School District.

Jericho Senior High School. Jericho Union Free School District. Herricks High School. Herricks Union Free School District. Rye Neck Senior High School. Westchester County. Amherst Central High School. Amherst Central School District.

Brighton High School. Brighton Central School District. Jamesville-Dewitt High School. Onondaga County. Jamesville-Dewitt Central School District.

Pearl River High School.