Top gun vs top gun maverick reddit

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Top gun vs top gun maverick reddit
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Which one do you like better? Top Gun: Maverick Votes: Mad Max: Fury Road Votes: Total voters Man with Knife Member. Oct 28, 3, Germany. Let’s settle this Two legacy sequels, Era’s favorite action movie of the s vs Era’s favorite action movie of the s. Garp TXB Member. Apr 1, 5, I refuse to play your game. Marcellus Wallace Member. Oct 25, 16, Midwest. TGM by a mile. Shit the last MI is better than Fury Road too. Oct 25, 9, Fury Road is the better action film overall though Maverick does do things some things better.

Oct 27, 9, Gentrified Brooklyn. One is a jingoistic nostalgia tour that does lots of solid moviemaking but does nothing new as far as exciting things on celluloid are concerned. The other has a guitar with a flamethrower. Tfritz Member. Oct 25, 10, Mad Max has a lot less military propaganda. Oct 25, 13, USA. Oct 25, 8, Mad Max by a mile. Foot Member. Mar 10, 6, One glorifies real war, the other glorifies doof warriors. Nov 8, 7, Oct 25, 22, Fat4all Community Retriever Member.

Oct 25, 67, here. Oct 25, 14, Fury Road for me but both are great. Ryuelli Member. Oct 26, 15, Maverick was great, I didn’t like Mad Max it was actually the first movie I ever fell asleep in.

Last edited: Jun 18, Marcellus Wallace said:. Click to expand May 14, 1, Fury Road is my jam. I could argue Top Gun follows structurally more in line with the original and leans more on nostalgia, but fundamentally I just like what Mad Max is about more. Fury Road easy win. Oct 25, 14, Midgar, With Love.

Mad Maverick. Quinton said:. TheWorthyEdge Member. Oct 25, 5, In which case I think it gets way, way closer.

Chumunga64 Member. Jun 22, 10, TheWorthyEdge said:. Mekanos Member. Oct 17, 36, CitizenVectron Member. Oct 27, 4, Can someone take a screenshot of the results and post it? For some reason OP ticked off the “don’t show results” option, and some of us haven’t seen both so can’t vote. I voted TGM. Both have spectacular action obviously, but two things I didn’t like about Mad Max is that they’re going back to where they started from in the movie and that Tom Hardy is pretty forgettable in the role.

You could replace him with a different actor, but you couldn’t do the same with Cruise in TGM. Aug 25, 1, Both are great, but Fury Road is on another level.

Oct 27, 3, Top Gun was good, in some respects even great. Fury Road is perhaps the best action film of all time, it’s still the best action experience I’ve ever had in a cinema.

Man with Knife said:. You could replace him with a different actor , but you couldn’t do the same with Cruise in TGM. Prompto Member. Oct 25, 3, Tfritz said:. TGM was super tame in terms of military propaganda. Like, you couldn’t do a Top Gun movie with less jingoism if you tried. Oct 25, 13, Fury Road does nothing for me. Maverick all the way. Oct 25, 38, Fury Road is better in every way. TheHunter said:.

It could have been an Ace Combat movie. Ultryx Member.



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May 26,  · Get Exclusive NordVPN deal here! risk-free with Nord’s day money-back guarantee!Maverick is back in Top Gun: Maverick with so. AdBrowse & discover thousands of brands. Read customer reviews & find best sellers. Find deals and compare prices on top gun toys at Top Gun Maverick was underwhelming and overrated. I recently went to see Top Gun and it was disappointing. I already saw what was gonna happen from the start, they will destroy the .


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Top Gun is considered a classic which captured the excitement and imagination of future fighter pilots. Did it capture the same excitement and imagination to inspire another generation of fighter pilots or did it crash and burn into the danger zone? The year was Top Gun was the beginning of a blockbuster movie season, and it caught the imagination and excitement that we all imagined being a fighter pilot was supposed to be like.

At its heart though it was a movie about a man understanding his limits and dealing with survivors guilt, ultimately to overcome his guilt, believe in himself, and put aside his ambition to be the best to save his fellow pilots.

Top Gun has all the classic 80 tropes. Our free spirited hero, who will break the rules to do the right thing and to just have some good fun. And a kickass soundtrack! Maverick and Iceman start out as rivals but end up best of friends. Not to mention all the Naval regulation that Maverick violates throughout the movie to do what he thinks is right or have a good laugh at a commanding officers expense.

In the end it take the death of the only character to have a life out side of being a Naval fighter pilot to make Maverick realize that lives are at stake and showboating and breaking the rules puts lives in danger. What hurts most is that Goose is the most loveable character in the movie, has a great wife and child that loves him, but end up dead due to a mechanical accident.

Using models on sticks and homemade drill widget to create the shaky cam effect of action. The only still outstanding issue is that Maverick is still in the Navy. In Top Gun, Maverick should have been kicked out for all the violation he committed from the beginning of the movie. In this sequel he should have been retired out just on the fact that he was passed up for promotion multiple times. Other than that there are no other really glaring issues like having a photo of your family taped over your altimeter, but that is most likely because they actually filmed the cockpit scenes in actual fighter jets.

This little fact changed the entire tone of the action sequences. This really put the audience into experience and bring up the tension. Top Gun Maverick give our hero another chance at being a Top Gun fighter pilot school instructor.

Instead of being about a friendly competition to see who the best of the best is, this training is for a specific mission. Fs duking it out against 5th generation technically advance fighter jets and a good old blast from the past of an F Tomcat duking it out proving its the pilot not the plane that makes the winner.

Where everyone wants to be the rule breaking hero that Maverick was. Top Gun Maverick bring a bit more reality to the situation. Understanding that lives are at stake and that our military leaders will have to make decisions where there is a high likely hood they are sending troop to their deaths. The magic of Top Gun Maverick though is that once it gets past the serious message it jumps back into the excitement that was in the original.

Pitting the underdog against a greater foe to come out on top. Where the skill of the man out weighs the tech in the machine. It delivers on what few sequels ever do which is give you the warm feelings of the original but pushes the envelope even more to deliver you heart pounding action and excitement. Tell us what you thought of the movie in the comments below. Jun 3 Written By Ian Zeckser. Top Gun The year was Top Gun Maverick.

Ian Zeckser.