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What does p r n d i l stand for
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What does the “I” mean? Re: What does “I” on gear shift mean? I stands for intermediate. It restricts the transmission to the first three speeds and is fine for town or trail driving at speeds under If you start using it, train yourself to watch the tach so you don’t go over for very long. The low gear position is really only useful for downhill braking in off-road driving, and is a fair substitute for a low range transfer case.

The same tach warning applies. The “I” setting also helps with towing, especially on hills and when braking. Hi everyone, Thank you for your replies! I am happy to report that my wife and I are enjoying our Vue immensely. This is clearly explained what the symbol means and it’s use in your owner’s manual.

If confused maybe you should consider reading it occasionally. Find More Posts by sspeer. When you do get the book, take the time to look it over. Like you, I know a lot about cars, hi-performance, etc, but there are a lot of interesting things about the VUE that you just wouldn’t know without reading the manual. All times are GMT The time now is AM.

Contact Us – SaturnFans. The Saturn Enthusiasts Site. User Name. Most cars with electronic parking brakes lock the rear wheels in conjunction with the parking pawl in one motion. How can you go racing going the wrong way? In short, R stands for reverse. The same goes for automatic transmissions. Manufacturers often place the neutral function in the middle of all the other gears. Putting your transmission in neutral may seem like a weird thing in an automatic transmission.

For starters, if you want to come to a stop, all you need to do is hold the brakes to keep your vehicle in place. You will surely need this function if you want to get anywhere. Just hold the brake pedal, and then shift into this gear to get going.

Now, below the drive position on your gear selector, you will find yet another transmission function. The low function is a bit of a dying breed. With the advancement of transmission technologies, manufacturers have been slowly replacing the function with other letters which denote other functions. There are still cars that have this low function like the Mitsubishi Xpander with its 4-speed automatic transmission. Note that you have to select a lower gear in order to engage the engine brake.



what does P R N D I L stand for on the shift? – ForNoob – What is the L on my gear shift used for?


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What does PRNDL mean? | Autodeal

reverse. neutral. overdrive or drive. the od off button acts as 3rd gear. ford is known for having an od off button. 2nd gear. 1st gear. Here is a quick run-through of the letters on your automatic gear selector which includes PRNDL among other letters. The “N” letter stands for NEUTRAL. This automatic transmission gear isn’t used often. The N position allows the car Tyres to rotate freely when.