What does s/t stand for in medical terms

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What does s/t stand for in medical terms
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Even so, rounding out your existing knowledge with some additional medical terms, abbreviations, and acronyms can help you gain an even better handle on what you hear in the health care world. This list can help you get started. Breaking down common medical terminology. The world of medical terminology is quite vast, so this list is organized by category what does s/t stand for in medical terms make it a little easier to digest.

The charts providers use for making notes are often filled with this kind of medical terminology. You might even know some of them by a different name. Abscess : A tender, fluid-filled pocket that forms in tissue, usually due to infection.

Acute : Signifies a condition that begins abruptly and is sometimes severe, but the адрес страницы is short. Benign : Not cancerous. Chronic ссылка Signifies a recurring, persistent condition like heart disease.

Contusion : A bruise. Defibrillator : A medical device that uses electric shocks to по ссылке normal heartbeat. Edema : Swelling caused by fluid accumulation. Embolism : An arterial blockage, often caused by a blood clot. Epidermis : The outer layer of the skin.

Fracture : Broken bone or cartilage. Gland : An organ or tissue that produces and secretes fluids that serve a specific function.

Hypertension : High blood pressure. Inpatient : A patient who requires hospitalization. Malignant : Indicates the presence of cancerous cells.

Outpatient : A patient who receives care without being admitted to a hospital. Prognosis : The predicated outcome of disease progression and treatment. Relapse : Return of disease or symptoms after a patient has recovered. Sutures : Stitches, which are used to join tissues together as they heal.

Transplant : The removal of an organ or tissue from what does s/t stand for in medical terms body that is implanted into another. Vaccine : A substance that stimulates antibody production to provide immunity against disease. Zoonotic disease : A disease that is transmissible from animals to humans. Medical terminology follows the same structural rules all language как сообщается здесь, including use of prefixes and suffixes.

What does s/t stand for in medical terms may be familiar with some of these from words outside the realm of medicine. A- an- : Lack of or without. Dys- : Abnormal, difficult, or painful.

Macro- : Large in size. Micro- : Small in size. Poly- : Many. Pseudo- : False or deceptive, usually in regard to appearance. Retro- : Behind or backward. Some medical root words are intuitive simply based on your experiences. Sclerosis : Hard or hardening. Stasis : Slowing or stopping the flow of a bodily fluid. ALS : Advanced life support. Bl wk : Blood work. BMI : Body mass index, a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

BP : Blood pressure. C-spine : Cervical spine. What does s/t stand for in medical terms : Electrocardiogram, a way of monitoring the heart and testing for problems. HR : Heart rate, expressed as beats per minute.

Lytes : Electrolytes. NICU : Neonatal intensive care unit, a specialized unit that cares for premature infants. OR : What does s/t stand for in medical terms room where surgeries are performed. Pre-op : Preoperative. Psych : Refers to psychiatry or the psychiatric ward. PT what does s/t stand for in medical terms Physical therapy, a type of treatment to help patients move and feel better. Rx : Prescription, usually for medication but can also signify another treatment.

Stat : Immediately. This medical terminology cheat sheet covers a lot of ground, but there will likely be times when you hear something unfamiliar. Doctors aim to foster an environment that generates dialogue. Having thoughtful conversations with your physician is about more than just gaining knowledge.

In fact, engaging with your doctor could result in a healthier life. You are your own best advocate. It was updated in to include additional information. Start your journey toward becoming a doctor. Fill out the form to speak with a practicing graduate, a current student, or an admissions officer. Office of Admission St. Previous Next. View Larger Image. June 22, Health Care Trends.

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STAT: A common medical abbreviation for urgent or rush. From the Latin word statim, meaning “immediately.” QUESTION. Emotional trauma is best described as a. The meaning of ST SEGMENT is the part of an electrocardiogram between the QRS complex and the T wave. How to use ST segment in a sentence. ST. Abbreviation for scapulothoracic; spasmodic torticollis. Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex ST.