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What is a new jersey accent called
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Origin of an accent. The way we talk dates back to when settlers first came to New Jersey from Europe in the seventeenth century. And the original settlers laid down the dialect patterns that have survived for hundreds of years, to the present day. North Jerseyans — like New Yorkers and Bostonians — are known for dropping the “Rs” found as in words like “park,” “car” and “New York.

The reason people from Boston drop their ‘Rs’ today but speakers from Philly don’t, MacKenzie explained, is due to a mirrored separation in dialects that existed in England in the s. She said people from the South of England dropped their ‘Rs,’ and those from the North of England did not. The reason for that dates back to the s when those settlers first came to the East Coast from England. That influence never made it as far as Philly, and thus Philly folks have always pronounced all their ‘Rs.

The way we speak is a large part of who we are. Just as Philadelphians frown upon being mistaken for New Yorkers, South Jerseyans do not enjoy being mistaken for North Jerseyans, and vice versa. Kelly Roncace may be reached at kroncace njadvancemedia. Follow her on Twitter kellyroncace. Like it or not, we have an accent. Keep scrolling to find out 10 words that we just say differently from any other state.

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Where do N.J.’s different accents actually come from? A linguist weighs in – .

Mar 21,  · Hoagie. New Yorkers have their heroes, and the rest of the country has their subs, but in South Jersey, we call ’em all hoagies. Local lore says the name comes from Hog Island, . Additionally, “T” often sounds more like “D”, and an “A” in the middle of a word sounds more like an “aw”, so that water becomes “wawda” (w-aw-da) This is not true of the NJ accent. In NJ, . Mar 05,  · The following 18 words may confuse outsiders, but most New Jerseyans will know just what they mean. 1. Down The Shore Flickr/Simon To the beach. Used in most (but .